When you start appreciating yourself, you can no longer follow in your old footsteps

Once you start appreciating yourself, you can’t follow in your old footsteps anymore. Then you release everything that has been suffocating, restraining and squeezing you until then. The image in the mirror becomes more beautiful, clearer as if you were looking at another person. Then you are a different person.

She who respects herself has her limits and does not allow to be treated as anyone wants.

That person no longer agrees to crumbs or false promises.

She lives in reality, firmly with her feet on the ground, yet free to extend her wings in directions that make her happy.

Once you realize that there is no one like you and that you are unique, the whole world changes. Not the world around you, but the world inside you.

Your little universe is becoming your refuge, your peaceful haven from where you can go wherever you want.

The mornings cease to be gloomily difficult and intertwined with the constant struggle of “What else do I have to do?”

Suddenly everything starts coming and going with some ease.

You realize that you cannot change, control, or pray to anyone.

But then you don’t even need it because you have yourself and your life and you don’t need more people in your life that you have to pray to notice you.

You noticed yourself.

Loneliness becomes a beautiful part of the day, no longer something to be escaped in any way.

She becomes a teacher who leads all your potentials and inner dwellings to the surface.

Once you start appreciating yourself, you wonder where you have been for so long, that you have been waiting so long…

You waited for yourself, and you didn’t know that you were always there and that you just needed to start looking at yourself in a new way.

All the love you squandered on everyone around you, and many were not even worthy of it, you can now give to yourself and your being.

You’re new

Once you start appreciating yourself, you know that everything is going just right and that you are exactly where you need to be.

No more resistance and striving to go back to the old.

You let go of control, you let go of emotions, you let go of living with full lungs.

And it’s never too late for a new beginning, you can always start something new from “now and here”.

And for that, you need to embrace all your past days, months, and years and say goodbye to them, but also keep them in your mind and body as a reminder of what you have been through and what you can do.

Once you begin to value yourself, you no longer condemn your past and everything you have gone through.

You approach these memories with compassion without trying to push yourself out.

They will never disappear, but they can become a good guide for your future.

There is no such thing as your value. Take that thought with you every day.

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