Totally strange signs that you have met your soulmate

True kindred spirits are a direct reflection of you. Their presence in our lives changes everything we thought we knew and wanted.

These are the signs that you have found your soulmate:

1. You recognize something familiar when you look into their eyes

And it’s basically something undefined, but you don’t see it in anyone else.

2. Before you met you had strange dreams about each other

Even if you couldn’t recognize the exact face or person.

3. You broke up – probably unpredictably and unexpectedly

Soulmates rarely live “together happily ever after,” despite what the media and culture tell us.

Often the encounter is too intense to be absorbed immediately and you have to separate for a while. Still, you will find your way.

4. Because of them, you have changed for the better

The people we are most attached to most often and most influence us. Their presence in our lives changes everything we thought we knew and wanted.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s something that usually happens.

5. See a family member in them

It sounds weird, but somehow you can always tell, even on the first date, how your friends and partners somehow remind you of your mom, dad or sister – not in a creepy way, but in a good, fun way.

6. You may not immediately “simply know” that they were these important people the moment you saw them, but in retrospect you realize that they are

You may not have been able to decipher in the process of getting to know the signs that indicate that they are your soul mates and you may not have been absolutely sure of that, but all in all, when you look back, you realize that they are.

7. You feel like you know each other from before

Because it probably is.

8. When you are with them and only with them – you show some of your worst traits

True soul mates are a direct reflection of you – so they inevitably show you everything that is not healed.

9. Incredible connection between your important dates (such as the dates of your birth, meeting, etc.)

The interval between your birthdays is exactly 9 months, you met on your brother’s birthday… there is some strange synchronicity related to the date of meeting your soul mate.

10. Or at least you had an inner feeling that told you that someone important would appear in your life

From a young age, it was important for you to find “the right person for you”.

You weren’t interested in going out like your peers, you just wanted to find that person.

11. You feel what they feel, even if you are not a naturally empathetic person

You know when something is wrong, physically or otherwise.

You can feel what they think and feel even when they are not present, even when they are not telling you anything.

12. It is more than just feeling

When you met, you realized that romantic love – especially among kindred spirits – is so much more than a passing physical feeling.

It’s actually more than just an inner feeling, a realization that permeates your entire relationship, even when (and maybe especially just then) you’re separated.

13. You feel each other’s intense chemistry different from anything you’ve ever experienced

You are fascinated by each other more than you thought possible, and you have never gone through the stages of initial interest, dating, etc.

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