The weight of words

There are words, which you regret because you once said them to someone. There are also those words, which have remained trapped in time, unspoken. Sometimes you wonder, does what is said or unspoken hurt us more?

In both cases, there is a void and a gap in the soul. The question is why? Why me? What did I do to cause myself something like that? You have to understand, that we all deal with ourselves, emotions, and life differently. We are not all equal, we will not all be silent when we think that we can hurt and set someone back with our words.

There are some people who go out first and foremost, forget about kindness, forget who they are, and humiliate themselves to the maximum in moments. Because they themselves are hurt, scared.

Fear is literally evident in their eyes, as is their inability to change their reactions. They are sometimes hurt by something you have or know, and they don’t have and don’t know. They may be hurt by other people, but instead of dealing with them, they decide to switch to a third person.

We have no insight into other people’s inner worlds

Don’t blame, understand and accept that you don’t know what they are living within their head every day. None of us has a complete insight into other people’s lives and problems, not even our best friends or partners. Try to stop for a moment, before you start a torrent of those words and an avalanche of anger. Don’t blame people for being sinful, for being human. We are all like that sometimes.

What you need to learn is to step back in time. Leave when you see the ship sinking and there is no escape.

The past has taught me that. It is not true that only the bravest remain. Sometimes they remain blinded by others, not seeing their uniqueness and splendor. Sometimes they remain weak and insecure, unwilling to take life into their own hands, show their teeth and do what will make them better and happier. Sometimes, the bravest leave.

Not because they want to, but because they realize they have to close some doors, in order to nurture and preserve themselves. It is far from selfish when you break away from the people you shared yourself with. But you realize that life has to close most doors and burn old bridges in order for each of us to find something new, something that belongs to him and awaits him with open arms.


We were not created to go constantly side by side with all the people we met and loved or accepted. Lessons are not taught that way, boundaries are not pushed that way.

Some people simply walk away, allowing themselves to be put in that position by lack of time. Others do not care in the least for others, so they let them sink alone. Some of us still leave hearts and souls there with these people, grateful in the silence of our room because we once shared ourselves and our lives with them.

In our minds, we still sometimes think of them and how they are, please find themselves and be happy. We carry them with us still, they are imprinted in our skin, and we still laugh at the same things that made us happy together. But we realize that we are currently separated by soul. We are currently preoccupied with some new experiences and lessons, so we don’t get to waste ourselves on others. Because we have learned that this is the fastest way to lose the true self.

Time changes our perception

In time, you may want to hug old famous people, laugh, and apologize to them from the bottom of your heart. So, believe me, it is better to keep some words unsaid, out of mutual respect. The bad words that were said hurt too much, then the damage was done a long time ago.

Forgiveness comes with time, true. But it will be easier to build new bridges with old people if that little bit of respect remains.

Each of us carries our own weight and accepts the weight of other people’s words. Each of us knows that it takes time to find ourselves, and learn to exist without others from time to time. Don’t let the words bring tears to your eyes before you take a good look at the situation and recognize the other person’s cry. But don’t let other people towards you be anything but good people.

As much as you give, you should receive – they say, although often in life it is not so. But over time, life shows you that what you used to give will return ten times better in the future.

And try, at least try to choose and share only those light, beautiful words every day. Do not leave scars behind, but joy and beautiful memories of what you once shared with others.

3 thoughts on “The weight of words”

  1. Great post. I think we could all use a lesson in pumping the brakes a little with our interactions. There is a lot of assumption, dismissal or ignorance when it comes to understanding others. Our word like theirs can be misspoken or poorly timed. You just don’t know what you don’t know.

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  2. Fab tips! I think remembering that we never know what someone is thinking/going through is such an important lesson to have, it’s so wrong to make assumptions like that. Thank you so much for sharing x

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