I’m not touching your balls, don’t touch my uterus either

In the light of recent events in the USA, this text seems appropriate, but the event in the text is from Croatia.

First of all, it’s not at all about who’s right and who’s not. It is not about who supports whom and who does not. It is not about who has more morals and who has less. It is about what every person should have, and that is the freedom to choose and decide what to do with your body, and even with your conscience when you are already so stuck for it.

It’s about invoking your homeland, and you’re more worried about lives that haven’t happened yet than the lives of people who already live in that famous homeland, or in this case survive. Why don’t you worry so much about the woman who was raped, the trial lasted 20 years and the rapists were finally acquitted of all charges because the state attorney wrongly drafted the indictment?

Because, in the indictment, it was written that they raped a helpless woman, and the court determined that the woman was NOT HELPLESS ENOUGH. Do I need to say anything about it at all or is the nebulousness of this situation clear enough?

Where are you when we who are already alive need you? Where are you when we need to be protected from the slime that would have been better if it had been aborted? Are you protecting us ordinary mortals or them? How many banknotes in a blue envelope does it take for professionally educated people to make such a mistake in the indictment?

And then that such people dictate what a woman must do if she is raped? That such people decide under what conditions she may have an abortion and under what conditions she may not? And even if she is not raped, you will decide what she will do with her body, when she will give birth and how much?

Do you really think you will reduce the number of abortions? You can only reduce the number of safe abortions because they will continue to be done but under questionable conditions. And what will you do then? “Break our fingers until you come to power”? Or have we taken that out of context as well?  

Do you really think you have the right to decide on bodies you don’t even have? Are you the one who bleeds every month and cracks painkillers so you can even stand on your feet on those days? Are you the one carrying the baby for 9 months? Are you the one who is questioning whether they will stay employed at all after those 9 months? Do you worry about how many employers will reject you because you have a uterus and there is a possibility that you will have to go to the maternity hospital?

You are not. Then why do you give yourself the right to decide, or just suggest, how a woman should treat her uterus? Why do you even have the urge to get into discussions of what is right and what is not, especially on that issue?

It is up to each woman to decide for herself. What is best for her is not up to her family, nor some patriot there. No one but her can know how she feels about a particular issue and how which decision will affect her as a person.

One woman would be devastated to have an abortion and another would be devastated because she has to give birth, and she knows that child will be marked all her life, that she was not born out of love and will not be able to give it what it wants. I don’t know which of these women is right, and I don’t even care because it’s their right.

You shouldn’t care either, because if you’re already committed to life, take care of all forms of life – of all ages, and genders, not just those that suit you.

No one touches your prostate, testicles, or d*cks. Do not touch our uterus either.

6 thoughts on “I’m not touching your balls, don’t touch my uterus either”

  1. I wrote about this is my latest post and shared some thoughts on this (including ways to support abortion rights and find these services if needed). It is sickening that anyone thinks they can impose forced pregnancy. The government and those who think they have the right to dictate to me (or anyone else) what we can/can’t do with our bodies need to stfu (lol)!

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