We are losing interest in those who take us for granted

It’s no secret that over time we are no longer attracted to those people who don’t really like us. People who perceive us simply as one of the possibilities. Those who do not accept us as we really are.

People who take us for granted and who are already looking for a replacement somewhere inside.

We are changing our attitude towards people who are showing their insincerity over and over again. To those who do not keep their promises.

We are changing our attitude towards people who love only our strengths and who are unable to accept us with all our weaknesses. To those who mock our fears and insecurities.

We lose interest in people who are constantly assessing our feelings, desires, problems, and opinions.

For those who don’t want to admit it’s okay to be vulnerable. For people who always put their well-being ahead of ours. These are selfish people.

We lose interest in people who make us feel unworthy of their attention. For people who are with us just because they have no other choice.

For those who don’t show much joy when they see us. For those next to whom we constantly feel we need to deserve every minute of their attention. We are losing interest in the people who keep us at the bottom of the priority list.

We are gradually ceasing to care for those people who treat us without respect and compassion.

We stop worrying about those who take advantage of our kindness. Who look down on us, who think we should pray for their love.

We stop caring for those people who are not afraid of losing us because they never respected us and did not love us deeply and truly.

We are losing interest in those who do not value us as we deserve.

Because we know how valuable we are and what we are capable of.

Because we have learned to love ourselves and we will never allow anyone else to underestimate us and make us wonder if we deserve true love.

3 thoughts on “We are losing interest in those who take us for granted”

  1. This is such a lovely and inspiring post. Self love is so important because then you learn your worth and do not accept how others treat you when it is negative. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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