Why anxious women are the strongest and bravest in the world

Women who struggle with anxiety are definitely the strongest women on Earth! They are capable of being mothers, workers, friends – they can be anything and they work hard, but in the meantime, they are dead inside.

Their spirit is completely exhausted from the constant mental and physical torment caused by anxiety.

Anxiety is definitely a plague of the 21st century, as many have already concluded. This happens because we live a fast, restless, and dynamic life. Our brains are constantly bombarded with a lot of information and our emotional values ​​today are not natural to what they had tens or hundreds of generations before us.

Humanity is divided, and so is human consciousness

In the eye of this tornado of negativity and superstition, we have the human soul of the average woman. For those who want to see what is happening, for those who feel the negative power of everything around them and refuse to close their eyes (consciously or not) – the reward is anxiety.

When you develop into an anxious human being, you will never be able to be old. Dopamine in your brain will never have the same flow and production as before.

This means anxiety will be more common than happiness. In any case, women who struggle with anxiety and find a way to be perfect are the strongest among us.

She is not a victim of her mental struggle. For she knows in her heart that she is much more than demons living in her mind.

She knows how important it is not to give up because there is so much to give. And, she can’t let her condition dictate her life. She has goals and dreams like everyone else and all she wants is to be able to be her own.

She is strong, intelligent, and brave even when she feels she can’t stand what gives her anxiety. Her heart whispers in her ear and reminds her how important she is in this world and to every person who loves her.

Her goal is to never choose an easy path. She stands up for herself and pushes because she is her own hero.

It will continue to show this even if the emotional imbalance and nature of the female soul are not stronger than the power of love and the powerful determination of the human personality.

2 thoughts on “Why anxious women are the strongest and bravest in the world”

  1. I definitely don’t feel dead inside when it comes to my anxiety and depression but I do see the strength I have (sometimes) as I do normal everyday things often when completely overwhelmed or having to battle extra hard to do them. This was a great post to read!


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