Marriage is not just paper, marriage is you

Marriages are not dark, for some the light is constantly on. Do not be afraid! There is still love. She really does exist, only she is rarely talked about. They all tell you about divorces and adulteries. About quarrels, about men hitting women and women who keep quiet about it.

Love is rarely talked about

Do not be afraid! Not all marriages are dark, some live in love for years. Some love each other. He loves them a lot more than he gives them up. There really are marriages that live love.

People who love their partners, women who adore their husbands, equally when he prepares dinner for her and when he leaves his socks on the floor of the room. They also love eating beans three times a week as well as the days when they prepare for a restaurant.

They also love when they have their first child, second, or third, and when they first go to first grade and buy three books from each subject, so the electricity bills wait another two weeks until the new salary.

Have you ever watched your parents grow up?

Did you notice their fingers tangled at the end of the day, even though there were a million situations that life brings with it?
They stayed.

They really stayed together, don’t fall for the fact that marriage is just paper and that you don’t have to forgive anyone for the things that annoy you.

Marriage is love but also compromise.

“We could give up 100 times a day” I hear from those who have loved each other for years, who have gone through thousands of problems, as big as possible, but marriage has never been just paper for them.

Marriages are not dark, for many the light shines, while on the couch of their living room, fifteen years old, they watch Turkish series or football. In love with a part of their soul while in an embrace they talk about how much they love each other. Some marriages are so light and powerful, they need each other so much and they work so hard

They remain even when their child is born differently from other children, they take care of him and love him with the love that few have, giving each other strength and comfort. First, he comforts her, as he cries on the bed of their room, and tells her, not believing himself, that all will be well. Well, then she comforts him when he realizes that his son will never play football like the children of their friends.

He hugs her and she tells him that they went through everything together, and this will pass.

Have you ever heard of marriages after death, where she brings him a bouquet of roses every week and stays to tell him what happened to her all that week? So he cries at her grave on their dates, and he cries all Christmas and Easter without her?

He is still her husband, she loves him with all her heart as if she were there. And vice versa.

And you, honey, would hear about divorces because of socks and the minimum wage. You would break up because something came to your mind and because it’s normal today? Do you know where this is normal? In a world of people without a soul.

And not all marriages are dark, some keep the light on.

Some love and care. Most of us are bored hearing about beautiful things. Take care of your marriages, not because of the village, not because of the family. But because of the children and even more so because of yourself.

Because it’s not just paper. It’s you.

When it gets dark, you turn on the light.

3 thoughts on “Marriage is not just paper, marriage is you”

  1. I’m very fortunate that I ended up marrying someone who is perfect for me (and vice versa); it’s the type of relationship I never thought I’d find or deserve (previous relationships contributed to this belief). The give and take is important and you have to find a balance (in all things); I hope everyone finds this.

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  2. One of closest friends recently got married and they and their spouse are the definition of love and excitement. Compromise might be important, but so is support and encouragement. Thank you for sharing this very thoughtful post! Also, don’t forget to check out our most recent post.

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