Fanaticism directed against women’s freedom

The reversal of the Roe vs. Wade verdict by the ultraconservative U.S. Supreme Court, under Trump’s blessing, showed that women are disenfranchised, marginalized, and go so far as to question their power of reasoning and planning as many children, at what time, and with whom they want to have. Do they want to have them at all?

The verdict is a mockery of women, in their faces, humiliation, and a hint of a blow to freedom and human rights in general. A hint of new controls and torture in which the main goal is to ensure that women blindly follow patriarchy that stands for life and that denies every right of a woman, and endangers her dignity to the end. For, according to them, She, if she is not a mother, is not worth mentioning and living in a patriarchal world.

What after birth?

Those who protect the right to life from conception to death ignore questioning and analyzing the quality of life. Their intention would be productive if they cared about the quality of life in economic, social, legal, and psychological aspects.

In the context that abandoned children are welcome, to ensure decent conditions for children living in orphanages. To take care of scholarships that will provide these children with education after the age of eighteen. When they are left at the mercy of harsh reality, nepotism, and concern for survival. A giant economic crisis is coming, which will leave millions dead.

Those who protect the right to life should accept children of all skin colors, migrant children, and transgender children. LGBT children, children with intellectual disabilities, and children with developmental disabilities. problematic children, children living with bullies, raped children, and children, victims of pedophilia, Gentlemen dear, if you are committed to living, you are obliged to actively help and participate in resolving these issues. Because life is not just conception, life is much more than that, and to these children, it is often filled with bitterness, tears, and pain.

We must not forget the growing number of child suicides. These children are scared, they are under a lot of pressure, and anxiety, they are not accepted, they are exposed to peer violence, and they live with threats and insults. Those who are for life should strive for freedom, for a life without discrimination, without hatred, for a world without wars and poverty. Only when they fulfill this task will they be credible in the eyes of the public.

A woman’s life is not important

But what they do, they endanger women, their rights, and their freedom. They side with rape every time they say a child is not guilty of anything, They don’t think about nine months of agony and remind the victim of the day the rape took place.

Every day and throughout his life, he will watch this child as a consequence of one tragic event. They, of course, do not think but have only one direction in which they want to force women to be incubators to be as many people on earth as possible. According to that, be fruitful and multiply. According to them, the only married woman with many children is the real woman, who has fulfilled her mission.

What’s next, will you genitally mutilate us, will you measure our sexual activities, will you choose husbands from their ranks of ultraconservatives, and ultimately force us to stay with them even if they beat us to death?

Because so we follow the rule that the family is sacred and that the husband, the father, is the head of the house and that it is his last?

What more do you want from us and will you soon open totalitarian Gilead’s across the planet?

Because of this, you are no better than Islamic fundamentalists. Being a Catholic and a believer does not mean radicalizing women’s freedom and sending them to inquisitorial proceedings. Jesus advocated love, freedom, and equality. And there is love in your messages only for giving birth.

In the hands of a patriarchal octopus

Life associations should condemn men, the rulers of patriarchy who also condemn abortion to the public, but are willing to do anything to ensure the same for their mistresses. Not to give birth to illegitimate children or bastards, as they were called in the Middle Ages. They will do so uncompromisingly to maintain their impeccable reputation as family people. hearth guard.

That most of them are involved in sexual abuse, pedophilia, rape, human trafficking, corruption, and crime. That is, less important. The most important thing is for them to declare that they uncompromisingly support life from conception to death. Even at the cost of the lives of incubators, and secondary women.

10 thoughts on “Fanaticism directed against women’s freedom”

  1. This whole thing has frightened so many. Here in the UK we are seeing many changes talked about with our rights and it all feels like a slippery slope.

    Thanks for your insight and conversation on this.

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  2. My home state was one of those with a provisional law that would be triggered in the event of the reversal of Roe v Wade. Money was already allocated to support mothers in a “most difficult time” or something like that. Most people haven’t really even blinked, but I don’t think the greater implications were really considered beforehand; what about women who have had miscarriages and need life-saving medical care? What about medications used for auto-immune treatments that also happen to qualify as abortifacients? So much more was lost than people (men? hyperconservatives?) are willing to consider.

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  3. Laying out all the important points here. Absolutely devastated to see the way the US is “moving forward”, and can only hope other countries don’t follow suit. So sorry for all the women in those Republican states.

    Miriam | A Hygge Escape

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