The dark side of femininity or what it is desirable to keep silent about

In the Vedic tradition, feminine energy is described as a component consisting of three elements. And they are called – the names of the Vedic Goddesses, the same Goddesses exist in every other mythology. In Slavic Mythology they are called The Zorayas

What three energies do women have?

  •  Energy Lakshmi – goddess of prosperity.
  •  Saraswati energy – goddess of knowledge.
  •  Durga energy – goddess of destruction.

We often talk about knowledge and creativity – and in that way, we raise the energy of Saraswati. We are talking about how to love and care, increase the well-being of the family – inspire the husband to feats. It is the energy of Lakshmi. But about Durga’s energy, we rarely talk. That is why I want to consider this topic separately. Let’s start with the fact that Durga energy exists in every woman. And that energy has been feminine since its inception. We often mix it with masculine energy, and even more often – we don’t let it manifest.

Is it masculine energy?

masculine energy is the energy of competition, struggle, the conquest of the country, and leadership. That is, masculine energy is always directed outwards. To other people, to the world around. A man protects his relatives, he is capable of feats and self-sacrifice.

Durga’s female energy is the energy of self-protection, salvation in extreme situations, the energy of self-preservation. Feminine energy is always directed inwards. By protecting her children, a woman literally saves honor for herself. Her reaction is so fast and accurate – as if it is not another person in danger, but her leg or arm.

Is this good energy?

Basically, the word “good” in this place, given that it is the energy of a pair of ears. But that is how we usually evaluate the situation and our behavior. To be good and to be right – for most of us it means “to be loved”.To understand that energy is needed, let’s look at what it gives. In what situations do we need it.

Let’s start with specific variants. When a child is in danger, any woman can become a tiger. Attack the perpetrator or snatch a child from the jaws of danger. Can this trait be called bad or useless? When the situation is difficult – the loss of a breadwinner, war, a bad harvest – a woman is able not only to survive but also to save the children. Remember the horror stories from the siege of Leningrad, in what ways and how decisively mothers helped their children to survive in such extreme conditions.

But is it needed in everyday life?

The universe does not give us anything just like that. And everything that is given to us by the universe – has a good purpose and is useful for all applications. Most of all, we suffer in that case if we attach a label to a gift: “It’s bad”.

What can happen to a woman who does not use Durga’s energy?

  1. She doesn’t know what she wants.
  2.  She allows herself to be treated badly.
  3.  She cannot bring up her husband – she does not have the firmness and understanding of the significance of this process.
  4.  She can’t inspire her man.
  5.  She has no opinion.
  6.  She has no firmness to say no.
  7.  It cannot preserve its purity.
  8.  She cannot set boundaries and protect her personal space.

Without this energy, a sense of self-worth is impossible.

How do I use it?

That is the most difficult question. Because on the one hand – that energy exists and is needed. On the other hand, any instructions for the use of energy – is not complete, it is schematic and does not take into account all aspects. So I will only outline. This energy is needed. If it is suppressed, you will have an explosion. Or inside – with diseases and health problems. Or out – and innocent people can get hurt. On the other hand, if you decide that this energy is basic, you can break the wood. Being rude to everyone and for whatever reason seeks your own justice and recognition. This is today’s emancipation and feminism. The answer is that Durga energy must be inextricably linked to the other two components. This condition is also mandatory. Because education without love is just heartless management. And a sense of self-worth, without caring about others – is the pattern of a true Ice Queen.

The first rule. Durga energy – is just one of the energies of a woman.

The other two are associated with love and care (Lakshmi) and creativity (Saraswati). There must be a balance between these three components. Thus:

  •  Take care of yourself, your beauty, and your body.
  •  Take care of your loved ones, and cook food with love.
  •  Take care of the beauty and comfort of your home. (all this feeds the energy of Lakshmi)
  •  You are creative.
  •  Learn how to live properly – and apply the knowledge gained. (thus supporting the energy of Saraswati)
  •  You learn to experience close people – strictly and with love inside.
  •  You say “no” to people and events, with which you do not agree.
  •  Clean your home and your soul. (thus supporting Durga’s energy)

The second rule. This energy must not be suffocated.

For example, when your protest grows because your workload has increased significantly – it should not be suppressed. There is no need to smile as if you are satisfied. You don’t have to cheat people, you don’t have to cover it up for goodness sake. Otherwise, that energy accumulates so much that you can’t control it – and an explosion occurs. It will happen in a “protected” place – in your home. And that energy will be poured out on completely innocent children or spouses. At the same time, one should not go to the other extreme, to aggression and rudeness. The best way to express your protest is when you have a stick inside, you know what you want and you deserve it. And with the feeling of that stick, speak strictly about the fact that you will not do that. With the right attitude – no one will even ask you why you made that decision.

 Rule number three. A woman can use this energy only for good purposes.

Only for the common good. Saving a child is understandable. And the salvation of your soul? And the salvation of your family? And the salvation of her husband, who goes to alcohol or another woman? Or examples from another story – justice at work, clear respect for order (so that no one would breakthrough), make changes in the husband by threats and quarrels …

The fourth rule. Find its application in your life. Calm it daily.

For example, regular cleaning of old things and cleaning the house. Heal and recover household members. Protect your happiness. Take care of your inner personal space. At first, everything seems complicated. But by trial and error comes an understanding of these branches – where they are still lacking, and which should have been translated into the “Durga” regime a long time ago.

Be whole in your femininity!


5 thoughts on “The dark side of femininity or what it is desirable to keep silent about”

  1. This was very interesting. While reading, I was associating Durga with assertiveness training. I find the work with female archetypes very useful. I’m having trouble with managing my Durga,. She goes from one extreme to the other. I will explore more. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh I love this!
    Very true, it all make sense; for lack of self-esteem usually works hands in hands with not using our power of self-preservance, preffering to be liked instead.


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