There is a wilderness that is never discovered…

There is passion and love, the sincere one towards life, which pushes us further.

There are fears, which cloud our eyes and stop us. We become our own shadows, we freeze in place, fearing the opinions of the environment, and most of all what we will think of ourselves if we take it a step further. I find it harder to accept our own perception of ourselves, look at ourselves in the mirror and discover how we deal with successes and failures.

Admit all the bad and dark sides, admit who we really are when no one is watching us when we are not dependent on other people’s actions or feelings. Do you then become what you wanted, a source of joy and goodness? Do you then become someone selfish, turned to further success while trampling on others?

Are we afraid of becoming that bad version so we prefer to stagnate? Even one who knows himself, one who knows what he does out of pure love and what he does for the ego, can stray on the same path to discovering himself.

The double-edged sword is, that everything we do, think and feel

Will I like some future version of me? Will I lose everything I already know with it, lose my loved ones? There is no recipe for success. One thing is for sure, and that is that nothing is constant, except changes that come like waves, coming at us, again and again, every day.

How we cope and how we deal with them is up to us. Maybe they’re there to discover a good version of themselves, maybe they push us over the edge to discover that we’re not that different from the ones we pointed our finger at once.

It is not on destiny, it is not on what was written long ago, it is on us

To be afraid of something that doesn’t exist, someone we don’t have to become, means not living. Leaving and hiding ourselves for some better people, some better opportunities, some new days, shooting into the void, wasting talent, emotion and the life we’ve been given.

I know one thing, we were not born to stagnate, we were born to grow, to merge with change, to experience. You cannot earn or get the most beautiful, the dreamed, if you do not go through the ugly, the dragging to the bottom.

Because only then, you will know how to appreciate yourself and others, knowing what the price you paid to get to where you need and want to be. Try not to be left alone on that path, even though every man is an island for himself, life is there to be shared, to complement each other.

Make sure that the price of everything is not you, your health, your spirit

Don’t give yourself time to get lost, get rid of the impression that everything will be over. One day, we will all end the same, one day it will be too late to realize ourselves.

There are wilderness that belongs only to you. No one but you has a right to them. Discover them to rediscover yourself.


1 thought on “There is a wilderness that is never discovered…”

  1. I really loved how this post was written. Everything you wrote here is absolutely true. When we live in fear of the unknown, then we stop living in the present and we sacrifice ourselves in the process.

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