Soul Talk: A Recipe for Happiness in 25 Wisdom

Don’t waste the precious energy of your body and mind on gossip, problems from the past and things that aren’t in your power. Instead, invest your energy in something positive that is happening in the present.

1. Walk for at least 10 to 30 minutes every day. As you walk, smile. It is an excellent remedy for depression.

2. Sit down for at least 10 minutes every day and enjoy the silence. Talk to God or yourself about what is currently happening in your life.

3. When you wake up in the morning, say the following sentences: “My purpose is ______. I am grateful for ______.

4. Eat more food that grows on plants and trees than that produced in factories.

5. Drink lots of green tea and plain water. Eat lots of broccoli, walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. 🙂

6. Try to bring a smile to the faces of at least three people a day.

7. Don’t waste the precious energy of your body and mind on gossip, past problems, and things that aren’t in your power. Instead, invest your energy in something positive that is happening in the present.

8. Have breakfast like a king, lunch like an ordinary man, and dinner like a poor man.

9. Remember – life does not seem fair, but it is still good.

10. Remember – this life is too short to use to hate someone.

11. Don’t take yourself too seriously. No one else does.

12. You are not so important or special that you have to be a winner in every conflict. Learn to disagree.

Happiness is a choice!

13. Make peace with your past so that it does not spoil your present.

14. Don’t compare your life with the lives of others because you don’t know what their life journey is like!

15. No one else affects the feeling of happiness in you except yourself.

16. Consider everything that seems catastrophic in your life from this point of view: “Will this be important to me in five years?”

17. Forgive everyone for everything.

18. What others think of you is not really your business.

19. No matter how good or bad a situation is, you need to know that it will change.

20. When you are sick, your friends will take care of you. So always keep in touch with them.

21. Envy is just a waste of time. Because you already have everything you need!

22. Say the sentences every day before going to bed: “I am grateful for ______. I scored ______ today. ”

23. Remember that you are too happy to be angry.

24. When you feel depressed, start remembering all the things that make you happy. You’ll laugh in no time!

25. Live your life as you want, by your own rules and by your own boundaries.


10 thoughts on “Soul Talk: A Recipe for Happiness in 25 Wisdom”

  1. So easy points yet it’s so tough for us to follow, maybe humans are made this way. I totally agree with all the points you have shared. If each one of us try to follow them, there would be less hatred as people would be more content with their lives.

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  2. These words of wisdom are straight to the point. I really like #6 about making it a point to make 3 people smile a day. Imagine how the world would look if we all did that. I also like the emphasis on not staying caught up in the past. And finally, the advice of #16, keeping in mind if this negative event will be relevant in five years REALLY puts things in perspective. Thanks for these pieces of wisdom. 🙂

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  3. These are some really great suggestions. Sounds so simple sometimes but life can happen. I try to keep to good habits but if I don’t achieve what I set out, I try not to beat myself up! Thank you for sharing your suggestions!

    Lauren x

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  4. Thanks for sharing these wise expressions. Many of them are often forgotten. I like the one about putting a smile on three people. This way we can spread some positivity. Great post.

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