He who does not respect you does not deserve you

By their behavior, people talk about themselves, not about you. And so don’t let that make you angry.

Everyone acts from their position and looks at you through the prism of their life attitudes, beliefs, fears, and pain. Well, it often reacts in a way that has nothing to do with what actually matters. Nor can he see the situation the way you see it.

And perhaps he has neither the will, nor the desire, nor the knowledge to set himself wisely in order to find a common solution in which both parties are satisfied.

So don’t let that hurt you. Remember that the one who misses loves the most attacks. And you never know what kind of hell someone might be carrying inside.

Try to look at it that way. And try to understand. Which isn’t to say you’ll justify it or allow someone to treat you the way you don’t want to.

But if you understand, you will see things completely differently.

And instead of shouting, you will at least send a hug in your mind. Because someone needs it almost more than water.

Step back if necessary, and leave if the insult doesn’t stop. That’s right. Because that’s how you set the limit knowing you deserve better. And whoever wants to reach out to you will have to show respect first.

Don’t be afraid to draw the line. Maybe for the first time in my life, I show my teeth and say – Enough!

Show who you are no matter who stands in front of you. Show your level. Knowing that you have the choice at any time to stay or leave that situation. Without remorse.

Because whoever doesn’t respect you doesn’t deserve you.

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