It’s not all about you

There are some people who take you back to your childhood.

Not when you “stole” cherries from a neighbor’s garden, even though you have them in your own.

Not even when you were making tents in a meadow made of cut pine branches.

Not even when you played football with the boys on an improvised playground, where the tripods “played” the four biggest stones you found nearby. (So ​​you would move them in slightly, not to notice, when no one is looking.)

Not even the battles of cops and robbers with wooden, handmade guns. Not that type of people.

The one who, by grace, force, accidentally or intentionally, draws you into dramas, tragedies, fantasies, conspiracies, intrigues, conspiracies.

In the analysis of every action, movement, and look. Every gesture, every word, every attitude.

In counting messages, calls, and initiated meetings.

Who gave more, who received.

Who sacrificed and who exploited.

Who is honest and who is pretentious.

And it’s okay.

It’s okay to be hurt, disappointed, and “abandoned” from time to time. We all are sometimes.

But when someone from day to day looks over and over again explanations, and justifications and analyzes every other person’s word, every other person’s view, when insists that he is constantly at the center of everyone’s universe, when he asks the world to become silent and stops because of him…

When there is always, just every day, “someone”, “something” or “something could”…

When every day is a drama…

Some of you, such people, take you back to your childhood

At the age of 30, they take you back to the 2. B neighborhood elementary school, whose hallways resound;


Mate looked at me wrong when he talked to Ivan at the beginning of the class.

Luce copied. I know better than her.

Marko is playing with Peter, he’s not calling me.

I called Mara for her birthday, bought her a present, shared a sandwich with her, and she played with Jan for 4 minutes more on vacation and laughed twice as much with Luka than with me.

Ok. Sometimes kids are really “naughty” for no reason. Sometimes they are “selfish”. Sometimes superficial without any bad intentions.

And sometimes Mate might be looking at you, with his mother’s cake on his mind, at home in the fridge.

Once upon a time, Luce really knows better than you and maybe you just think she’s copying.

Sometimes Marko plays with Peter and doesn’t think you need to be called on anything special, because they also met spontaneously, without any agreement.

Sometimes Mara plays with Jan and laughs with Luka, unencumbered by it, how many times does she hang out or laugh with someone else because she doesn’t measure socializing by time but by pleasure.

Sometimes people don’t think about you at all.

And they just live.

Then, in a moment, for a moment.


Because here…

It’s not all about you.


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