The soul recognizes the soul

One day at sea…

I like to go down to some hidden rocks, and enjoy the smell of the sea, the forest of waves, the breeze, the sun… Surrender to the purification that the sea brings, the grounding of the rocks, the energy of the sun, and the breath of that something in the breeze that caresses my cheeks.

Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I read… Either way, it’s fulfilling. And inspiring.

An elderly lady approached me…And to the answer that I am 36 years old, she adds…

  • You look really young! How do you manage?
  • Thank you! Ma’am, that’s Inner Peace.

There is no cream that works better. And freedom when I decided to live my life in my own way.

Who likes it, ok. If you don’t like it, that’s fine too.

My peace, my freedom, my life.

She folded her arms across her chest and nodded her head.

  • That’s it, that’s how you should live.

In my old age, I also decided to come live by sea and make at least this part of my life my own. The way I want. I gave too much of myself to others and thought too little of myself. But now is my time, now I’m enjoying it. We live in paradise, only many do not understand it. And they let others decide for them and how they will live.

And life goes by…

We exchanged a few more sentences and swam to our own side.

A soul even more fulfilled than just before. Because soul recognizes a soul. And they find each other.

Sometimes just for a moment, for a few words, a message… And sometimes to spend part of their lives together.

Relax, surrender, allow yourself – life

So, relax. Feel free to relax.

Because with the energy you radiate, such people will come to you. You don’t have to worry or force anything. What needs to come to you will come to you. Whoever needs to find you will find you.

And there is no such thing as a missed opportunity. Because if it’s truly meant for you, it will come again.

Relax. And let yourself go. You can’t go wrong. Work on yourself, on your energy.

Listen to your intuition. And she will divert you at the last moment if necessary. To get where you need to go. Met the one you need to meet…

There is no mistake in this perfect Universe. There are no coincidences. Everything is in perfect order. Just align yourself with it.

And instead of a life full of pain, you will witness the miracle of life.

Who was always there, only you were the one missing.


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