Don’t change anyone

Don’t change anyone. Neither yourself for another nor another for yourself.

Change yourself for your personal growth and progress, and let others decide the same.

Don’t interfere. Don’t push them where you think is best for them. Don’t offer advice they don’t ask for, because that way you’re just criticizing them in disguise.

Because you don’t know which path their soul has chosen. You don’t know what their mission is and what lessons they need to learn.

So let it go.

Be an example and support and that’s enough. Be understanding and a hand for them to grasp to lift themselves up. But don’t drag anyone. Don’t persuade anyone.

Let them go at their own pace and pace. In his own way.

Don’t touch their freedom of choice just like you don’t want anyone to touch yours. Regardless of where you might see it leading them.

Let go…

This is their path and there are experiences that their soul needs.

Just send a blessing and wish them luck. Maybe you’ll meet somewhere else along the way. And maybe not. And that’s fine.

Be wise. Be what you would want someone else to be for you. And then you will know best if you are doing the right thing.

So continue on your way. And he builds himself into an even better and better version. Progress, learn, create. And similar ones will join you along the way. Some to continue together. And some just for an incidental lesson. And that’s fine.

Don’t change anyone

This is how we all influence each other’s lives. That’s how we grow. As One in the illusion of separation.

Know this as you let things happen. And they don’t regret anything and they don’t prevent anything from happening. It’s all a perfect game.

Play your part, dance your dance. Be who you came to be.

And you can’t go wrong.


4 thoughts on “Don’t change anyone”

  1. Great message and such a good point. It takes a while to learn this lesson sometimes but in the end it’s the best anyway. People change on their own accord and we can’t push them. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Great post, thank you for highlighting this topic. We’re not in the position to change others, since we don’t know what they are really after. And as you mention, we don’t need to be changed by others either. Setting a good example is the best way to go about it, as you mention. Thanks

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