Consciously focus your energy

When something happens that we don't want, the best (and most challenging, I know) is to focus on the positive outcome. Contrary to what we see, we experience...

This is how we can most effectively influence things to be resolved in a positive direction. Because our energy is very creative. That’s why we need to use it consciously.

And by thinking, watching, and retelling what we see and fear, we only give it additional energy and power. And everything starts from energy, so let’s direct it in a better direction. Let’s focus it like a laser on the best possible scenario and feel with all our hearts the positive outcome.

We do not pray through anxiety, but through gratitude as if we are already looking at the final result where everything miraculously came together…

This is how we can best help and contribute even to what seems to be completely out of our physical reach.

Because energy knows no boundaries. Especially the sublime energy of love, blessings, and peace.

And above all – gratitude. As if the best outcome had already happened.


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