Both soul and ego

When vanity takes over and the ego takes over, the soul is cornered. And while the ego rejoices over the external and superficial, the soul quietly points to the depth from the side.

Sometimes silence is enough, and sometimes simply wait for the ego to bang its head against the wall and look for a solution. And it is always in balance.

No matter how wealthy we are in this matter, if we ignore the needs of the soul – we remain poor. Because the soul is the true guide. No matter how much material stuff you pile on, without the breath of the soul, everything (p)remains empty.

Balance. Balance is the key.

No extremes are ultimately good. There should be a balance. And you don’t need anyone to explain it to you. You feel her. Each of us for ourselves.

And that’s very clear when you ask yourself where you are. When you close your eyes in the realm of silence, you will feel the answer. You will simply know what you need to do next to bring them into balance. Which is different for everyone. Special.

And from the bottom of my heart, I wish you to find her. In all fields. And to truly live in this material world inspired by the soul. Complete. Accomplished. Inspired. Consciously present.

The way you really came to life.


3 thoughts on “Both soul and ego”

  1. – Balance is key and when you are in the realm of silence you can feel it. The balance and you soul. –
    What a lovely post and a great read. This is part of my journey and I had to learn to listen to my inner voice, trust it and then check my ego at the door. Thank you for sharing these incredible insights.

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  2. Great post. I can’t agree more. I have really had to focus over the years on balance as I tended to go from one extreme or another. It’s so important to find a happy medium so you dont’ overdo it and throw all your energy into one thing and exhaust yourself in all others. Thank you for sharing this!

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