Girl power? Oh no! Self-power!

I don’t like crybabies. I don’t like whining. I don’t like cheap excuses. I don’t like pity, not even self-pity.

I guess that’s why I’m always the quietest when I’m in pain. I don’t need a pity. I withdraw into myself instead of screaming. I need peace!

I guess that’s why when I hear cheap excuses, I make them myself, instead of listening to alibis.

I guess that’s why I change the light bulb myself, when it ‘burns’, instead of waiting for strong male hands to come home from work.

Nothing is a problem for me. And I can do everything. I don’t have to collect “likes” on my “fragility”.

I don’t have to, because there are a million other reasons why I’d rather someone like me; instead of because; what am I going to wait for HIM to open a jar of pickles for me?


Because there is always that “but”.

If I can unclog a clogged drain, so can Mr. Right collect the laundry from the dryer, without fear that the stubborn neighbors will mock him for being a cissy?

I can do a lot of things better than a hundred men.

I guarantee!

I can do just as many things, worse than any man.

It has nothing to do with gender. It has affinities. But also with persistence. And by effort.

“Girl power”!

I am a woman. Don’t underestimate me. I CAN! I’ll do it myself!

We, powerful businesswomen, mothers, wives, athletes, and models, all in one, have caricatured “I can” and “I will” in our desire to prove ourselves, and then at the end of the day we lie down lifeless on the couch with our tongues out, half dead, without the strength to change murderously boring remote control program.

If I could!

“Girl power”?



I can!

But I don’t have to. Not always. Not alone.

I don’t have to constantly prove myself. Every day. Again.


At work.

In the car.

In the gym.

Because it’s not all about affinity, effort, and persistence.

There is also something in the partnership.

Private and business.

It’s okay for me to pull when you can’t.

It’s okay for you to pull when I can’t.

It’s okay to go together when we both can.

And that’s it.

It does not mean that someone is stronger or weaker. That someone is more capable. That someone can or can’t.

It just means that we are Humans!

And people with capital P, we don’t divide them by gender!


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