Since I trust myself

Since I trust myself… I don’t check my decisions. I’m not looking for someone else’s opinion. Since I let my intuition guide me, I walk in peace. Because I know that they are watching over me perfectly. They are watching my back and following me closely.

Since I am more confident in myself and my leadership, there are no more doubts.

I don’t think about where and how anymore… I just allow myself to feel the way. So I let myself go bravely because I already know from experience that this is It. And that as such it is perfect for me.

Since I believe in myself, life has taken on beautiful colors. And miraculous lightness.

And if by any chance I notice that the colors are fading, I just stop and ask myself: “What message did I not hear? What did I miss or misunderstand?”

And then I allow myself to feel the direction again and let the flow of life take me back on the road.

And I don’t look for shortcuts, I don’t skip steps. I don’t choose the faster way, because I know I don’t see everything…

A feeling of lightness that I trust

I just surrender to that feeling of lightness, peace, joy… and follow it. Trusting him immensely. And since I’ve been doing that, life has become easier. The image is clearer, the path more joyful.

And that feeling of freedom and lightness is simply the most special to me. The most wonderful.

So believe in yourself. Mostly to myself. The feeling inside you is your guidance. And only you can truly feel him. No matter how many wonderful people you have around you offering advice, they simply cannot feel what you feel. Nor to see your image, your experience…

So just thank them for their care and attention, but go back to yourself. Even if your decision is against everyone… If it brings you peace, it is right.

Sometimes your environment will fear your faith in yourself because you will no longer be what they want. And they will call you selfish without realizing that they are selfish because they want you to stay where you were for their own sake. And they don’t think about you and your feelings…

So don’t care. You can’t answer everyone. Well, don’t even try.

Responsibility to yourself

Answer yourself. In the best possible way. You owe it to yourself. At all levels. And those who love you will enjoy watching you blossom. And if they don’t look forward to your growth and progress, then they don’t really love you. They’re just afraid of losing the part of you that suits them. And it doesn’t matter to them how you feel about it…

So believe in yourself and don’t be afraid. You have the best possible advisor within you. The most accurate ever. Unique and only yours.

And if you’re not sure if you’re hearing well, so you don’t know where to go… If you don’t feel directly from the noise of thoughts and confusion of emotions… You don’t feel yourself.
You don’t know what to do next.

Retreat into silence. And you will find out.


5 thoughts on “Since I trust myself”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. Ultimately, you’re right. Eventually, everything we do comes down to a reliance on ourselves. We can take other opinions, but actually going ahead with anything has to be all our own work.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I wish I could be like this. It seems to serene. I love the thought of being my own self all of the time and they’re trying to impress people some people I don’t even know. Thank you for sharing.

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