Everything falls into place at the right moment

You feel peace when it’s finally over. When you get out of the vicious circle in which you were spinning, from which you tried to get out and returned to it. Again and again.

Things fall into place. Stack the dice. Get rid of everything.

One way or another. But get rid of it.

Sharp cuts, New Year’s resolutions, big promises to yourself… it’s not worth it…

It comes spontaneously when the time is right.

Then when it should come.

It is up to you to be patient and to believe.

Everything falls into place at the right moment

You feel relief after everything.

Like when you put on ballet flats after a long day in high heels.

Like when you come home after a long and tiring journey and lie down in your bed.

And you know, it’s good.

It ended the way it should have.

You are where you need to be.


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