Learn to be your number 1.

You do not spend your life on some people whose common days have been a number of lessons, but a sum of beautiful memories.

You do not spend life a word or signs of attention to those who put you at the bottom of the lists of your priorities while you put them on the top.

Do not spend your life on the people with whom your conversations have always had to be choosing words and if you said something wrong you felt the consequences of it for a long time.

Do not spend your life on those who have never seen your tears. To those who never understood what was in the background of a smiling face. And to those who had no patience with your weaknesses.

Don’t waste your life on people whose indifference towards you is so great that it can be seen from space, but only you can’t see it.

Protect your time as it is limited and running out quickly. You will not receive more than that.

Only in this way will you show how much you care about affording yourself what you really deserve every day.


2 thoughts on “Learn to be your number 1.”

  1. Great reminder, Marta. I always think of the saying, if you don’t fill your cup first, you won’t have anything to pour for anyone else. Thanks for sharing.

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