Your light – are you letting it shine?

Are you letting the light shine through you? Are you reflecting your inner glow? Or do you allow the world around you to drown it out?

Do you allow yourself to be who you are? Do you allow your soul to dance? Do you live fulfilled from the inside or do you allow the outside to diminish you?

Who are you when no one sees? Are your eyes shining with that special glow? Or he was extinguished by pain and other people’s blows.

Where are you in your life now? Where do you want to be? Or do you listen to your soul screaming in pain, and you don’t have the strength to move?

Are you going in the direction you’ve always wanted to go? Or that path is buried somewhere deep and you convince yourself that it has to be that way.

And do you know that…?

That glow in you will never disappear. That your soul will never stop calling you. That life will always offer you new opportunities. And he will never give up on you.

Do you know that you have a special place? And that without you this world would not be the same. And that your purpose is indescribably important. And that when you start fulfilling it, you will truly be You.

Do you know that life will pass anyway, time will go into oblivion…

But how will you survive it?

Will you end up regretting it? Will you regret everything that was left undone, because fear prevented you from moving?

Will you continue to live in gray and pain?

You can if you want.

It is your choice that no one can dispute.

But you can dare.

Slowly start to change something…

Listen more to the soul and less to the ego. To feel the intuition and the heart, and put the reason aside a little. Finally, ask yourself who you are?

And what do you want?

And not constantly fulfilling the desires of everyone else.

Let your light shine

Because where are you?

When will it be your turn? When will you laugh from your heart again? Soul rejoice?

Wake up with a smile and fall asleep fulfilled. With eyes filled with tears of gratitude.

With the awareness that heaven moves from the inside to the outside. And that so many blessings surround you.

While you feel the indescribable power of Love in your chest.

And the heart whispers: this is how I want to live!


3 thoughts on “Your light – are you letting it shine?”

  1. I relate to a few things and hope to work around it. Fear of moving forward or taking a chance. Get away from pain. The biggest is to dare to do that. The current smallest is slowly changing something. This was a nice read and needed too. Thanks. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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