A list of New Year’s resolutions

If I were one of those who write a list of New Year’s resolutions, I would never put it on it if I had to;

Lose weight/ gain weight.
Understand everyone’s side of the story.
To adjust.
To be one of.
To follow trends.
To be in.
Go to “have to” places.
Drowning in the crowd…

I do not have to!

I would put it on it;

learn the difference between having to and wanting. Between “having to”, because that’s how it “needs” (“it’s right”) and having to because it’s good for me;

Go for control.
Examine the breasts.
Do sports.
Be less nervous around people and things that you can’t change. To change myself, the things that harm me and that I can change. Get away from what I can’t influence.
More imagination.
Set goals and then achieve them.
To enjoy the moment (silence, sea, mountain, city, film, book, children, friends. Him…)
To hold tightly to that small circle of great people.
To believe in universe and karma. That justice is attainable.
To be patient.

Distinguish truth from lies, envy from advice, evil from good, smile from ridicule.
Maintain dignity.
Have a clear conscience and a peaceful sleep.
Having values and not giving up on them.
To be grateful and to want more.
Be less critical of yourself, but remain realistic.
To be satisfied!!!

If I were one of those who write a list of New Year’s resolutions, I would write;

Fuck everything!
Other people’s standards! Other people’s values! Other people’s definitions of normal, desirable and essential!
Go on! Life is one! Just give it a go… and try to enjoy yourself along the way!


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