You write your own story – and that’s the most beautiful thing

The best part of the story is that you write the story. With your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and attention. What you pay attention to is what you feed and keep in your world.

The way your inner world is arranged creates your outer world.

This is the wisdom in the saying: There is no one outside. All this is a reflection of our inner projection. And we decide what will happen outside. The only thing is that most of them do it unconsciously, so it seems to them that someone is doing something to them and that life is unfair to them.

We write our own stories. Nothing is written in stone. And the very change of reaction and view of what we are currently living will begin to change our world. Slowly. Give yourself time.

Change comes from within

Look consciously at your life. Look at the connection between certain parts of your life and the thoughts you have about them and you will see a cause-and-effect relationship. And no, it doesn’t go from outside to inside. But from the inside out.

And now, don’t immediately blame or defend yourself. Accept your position exactly as it is right now. And feel free to designate it as a starting point. From this point of mine you consciously and increasingly consciously start to change your thoughts, inner dialogues, and deep patterns. A point from which you will monitor your reactions and recognize beliefs, some even so old that you drag them from childhood, and they are of no use to you.

Take it easy, take your time. It didn’t come overnight, so it can’t leave overnight either. Just the fact that you started to become aware is a huge change.
Step by step, hour by hour, and day by day, you will see how small changes inside make small changes in your reality. Well, bigger and bigger.

Up to the point where you won’t recognize your life for a while.

Just persevere and don’t give up. Be gentle with yourself and be your biggest supporter. As you would be a best friend during the process of change.

It’s a wonderful change.


From caterpillar to butterfly.
From dusk to dawn.
From gray to wonderful colors.
And it’s worth the effort.

We came to create miracles

Because you didn’t come here to stagnate and grope in the dark. You have come to experience this life in the most spectacular way! We came to create miracles.

To remember our true nature and live it through human life. And no, we are not limited to this physical body. It is just an extension for us to live in this world. And we are much, much more than that.

I know you know that.

We all know it deep down.

But it is also time to truly recognize it. And let’s live the experience we came for.

So let it be miraculous and indescribably beautiful! Our masterpiece! The dream we’ve been dreaming of for so long has come true! A life that we consciously and joyfully lived!

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