Relax, because everything will come to you

It comes to you… Everything comes to you. The less you worry, the sooner it comes to you. The more you believe, the shorter the time required.

Everything that is meant for you will come to you. Just stop calling out the opposite.

It’s here. Closer than you think.

Although it may seem miles away.

Feel it. Close your eyes and feel that reality. Which is only a possibility for now.

Feel where you want to go. Raise your vibration so he can find you.

And just relax. In endless Faith, surrender to the Universe.

That’s the best you can do. And then Vigilantly follow the Signs, because they will lead you.

Where until yesterday it seemed impossible for you to get there.


5 thoughts on “Relax, because everything will come to you”

  1. Love this way of looking at the world. This is how I’ve been traveling. Not to worry, not have many plans, but just let things happen. And so far it has been quite interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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