Indicators that you are an emotionally intense woman

Very emotional women experience things more intensely. Their strong emotions are easier to identify than the emotions of the average person.

This helps them to communicate more effectively because they not only listen to what others say but pay close attention to gestures and the tone with which something is said.

However, there are also certain inconsistencies and trade-offs, given that strong emotions that are not taken into account can have disastrous consequences. Highly emotional women can use their personal “equalizer” to their advantage only when they realize that they are, in fact, highly emotional women. This awareness allows them to enjoy the fruits of their heightened emotional awareness and overcome their negative tendencies.

You are probably wondering if you or someone you know is very emotional? You can recognize this based on the following qualities:

You are deep-minded

When life brings you adversity, you retreat deep into your cocoon and think about all the aspects that led to the given situation, before you do anything to solve it.

Small things (both in your life and in other people’s lives) can have a big impact on you.

You are detail-oriented

You are as sensitive to details as you are to emotions. You see details that others miss and you are not satisfied until you can connect them as a whole.

This is a quality that is of great value in the right profession.

You need more time to make decisions

Given that you tend to scratch deep below the surface, you also tend to procrastinate when it comes to making decisions.

You’re trying to see all the possible outcomes in your head, and that can be quite a problem (especially when you’re short on time).

Bad decisions can break you

When you make a decision and it turns out to be a bad choice, it hits you harder than it does for most people.

This can create a vicious cycle that further slows down the decision-making process. Because the fear of making bad decisions is part of what slows you down in the first place.

You react emotionally

You react very strongly to everything that happens to you. Also, you are no less immune to events in other people’s lives.

It is quite difficult for you to channel your emotions to “produce” the behavior you want to have.

You have a hard time taking criticism

Your strong emotions and intense emotional reactions may be the reason why it is quite difficult for you to accept criticism. Although you can overreact to criticism, you also have a tendency to think things through and investigate things deeply.

This survey of criticism can play out well for you, in the long run. Because your inability to just “shrug your shoulders” helps you make the necessary changes.

You are good at teamwork

Your unique ability to always take other people’s feelings into account, to weigh the different aspects of multiple decisions, and to pay attention to small details makes you an extremely valuable member of the business team.

Of course, this can backfire if you are in charge of making final decisions because you are better suited to analyze the situation.

You have great manners

Your heightened awareness of other people’s emotions makes you a very conscientious person. You pay a lot of attention to how your behavior affects other people. And, you have really good manners to show off.

Also, you get very annoyed when other people are rude, uncivilized, and rude. Truth?!


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