There are some days…

No strength to get up. No strength for a clever word. For comfort.

Now when you need to be eloquent the most. You are silent. You be damned.

You start to speak…
You want it more than anything. You know you should.
But it doesn’t work.
And you just cry.

There are days when you lose faith in people. In the Man. In the justice. Into empathy. To love. When nothing seems to make sense.
That the good comes back to the bad.
That evil wins.
That the cruel, the greedy, the selfish, and the ignorant fare better.

There are those days when you don’t even know if you should teach your children to study, work hard and respect others. Or just to crawl and lick their ass.

There are those days, like today, when it seems to you that the world has hit rock bottom. And you’re sure it can’t go any lower.
There are those days.
When you just close your eyes…
And wait for the awakening.

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