We are all the same…

We are all the same…
Are we?

We all have eyes.
But we don’t see the world the same way.
Some are blind with healthy eyes,
while those who are truly blind are able to see beauty.

We all have ears.
But we don’t all hear the same thing.
Some do not hear birds chirping, the sound of the sea, the sound of nature, but they hear gossip, gossip, other people’s problems, justifications and excuses.
While some who cannot truly hear, are able to even hear the call of their soul.

We all have a body.
But we don’t treat him the same.
While for some it will be a temple in which they live, others will exhaust it and test it to the limit, wondering why their body responded with an alarm.

We all have thoughts.
Only some lives are lived in their noise. Fighting them day and night.
While others will learn to control and manage them. Even to create life with thoughts.

We all have an Ego.
Some will die because of him, but with the feeling that they are right, because it was more important to them than living.
While others will understand and completely disarm him.
And live happily ever after in peace with the Ego.

We all have wishes and dreams.
And while some will uncompromisingly go to the realization of the same,
for others, their pronunciations will be louder and louder.

We all have an opinion.
And while some know that it is valuable only when someone asks for it, others will impose it without being covered by the result that their opinion should have brought them.

We all have a past.
Some will remain bitter for the rest of their lives because of that past,
while others will use their past for their own expansion and success.

We all have the same chance for a happy life.

Only happiness depends on the choices we make.

And while some will say to this last sentence: “That’s right!”

Others will not agree, but will start talking about others as the cause of their unhappiness.

We are all the same…
But Are we trully?


2 thoughts on “We are all the same…”

  1. Perfectly put and so true. Our minds view this landscape as our own dreamscape, and everything that happens to us, and that we see, is in our imaginations. Therefore, nothing is the same to all of us, not even something as simple as an onion.

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