Women’s Day – there are many more reasons to rebel than to celebrate

March 8 is the day when we should truly celebrate female strength, beauty, and progress in every aspect.

It’s March 8, and society has never been poisoned by discrimination, prejudice, and misogyny.

It’s March 8 and the statistics are inexorable, the number of murdered, raped, and abused women is growing rapidly. Symbolically, women are given carnations and roses, which should be society’s excuse for beatings, humiliations, unpleasant touching, throwing, blackmail, and threats.

On March 8, bosses, employers, and colleagues will congratulate their colleagues and leave sweets on their tables. Will it be an excuse for awkward questions at job interviews, about starting a family, and when will she get pregnant? Will the sweet taste of the candy bar sweeten the bitterness in her stomach after her colleague got a raise and promotion instead of her while she pitched ideas and worked overtime? How many more glass ceilings do we need to break through?

It’s March 8, and dinner with women’s company and a song erase the memories of the gossip directed at her because of how she dressed, why she didn’t get married, why her husband left her and the poor children with her, what will happen to them? She celebrates with that company out of politeness because they are part of her neighborhood, relatives, or closer family.

It is March 8 and we are defeated more than ever

It’s March 8 and some members of parliament are treating the uterus as an object of discussion to support their so-called moral arguments and values. Our bodies are not battlefields for scoring political points.

It’s March 8th, and about menstruation, postpartum depression, abortion, spontaneous abortions, female diseases, orgasm, and menopause, people are still silent or talking quietly.

It’s March 8 and women are locked up in safe houses in fear of bullies, while their children are mocked at school and mockingly asked how it was in that safe house.

It’s March 8, and the answer to why women remain silent about violence lies in distrust in the system, which begins with a brutal police interrogation about what she did wrong and ends with the potential risk of the predator being released. With the emphasis that the victim of gender-based violence must pay the costs of the litigation.

It’s March 8, and there have never been comments full of hatred and condemnation towards women who reported violence and who speak anonymously or publicly about it. According to the negative comments, they made it all up because they are frustrated or wanted to take revenge.

It’s March 8 and world statistics show that girls do more housework than they devote to schooling.

It’s March 8, and progress in society in the 21st century is represented by the election of a woman as vice president of the United States of America.

It’s March 8 and…

It is never too late to wake up and become aware. This day should remind us of the tireless struggle of all female activists who did not give up even when it was the hardest and worst. This day represents the fight for the freedom of full female expression of all possibilities and opportunities in every, but EVERY area. Without brakes and obstacles.


4 thoughts on “Women’s Day – there are many more reasons to rebel than to celebrate”

  1. I totally agree with you. I feel the same about Mental Health Awareness Day and other days like this. while they do highlight and give reason to call things out, they don’t seem to make any changes long term. After all, rememberance day has not prevented wars. Well said.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. This is so important these days and I find it very disheartening to see so many examples around the world where women are still fighting for equality.

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