Glorification of women’s suffering

People like to see a woman suffering. Society wants a woman to be a victim, and this is a cruel reality that causes violence against women to increase, and institutions participate in it. Society believes that a disobedient woman must pay for her “mistakes”. The more blows, abuse, the better, because the patriarchy is bloodthirsty. Sometimes it seems that in their eyes, a dead woman is better than a woman with lost honor. Better to commit suicide than lose her virginity.

The sick standards of patriarchy

A woman’s chastity, her virginity is glorified. An image of an ideal, pious, submissive woman who preserves chastity before marriage was created. She has no right to a sexual life, her body is there to please a man, but she has no right to feel pleasure, or to experience an orgasm.

For a woman who had sexual intercourse before marriage. the people coined the phrase “pierced.” It refers to her pierced hymen and a hole is created in her, thus she is defeated and in the sphere of the Other, she is trampled even more. She becomes worthless.

The value of a hymen

What does lost virginity even mean, what is the context, the meaning? And where do men get the right to make judgments about female promiscuity? Why does it become controversial how many sexual partners a woman has had and why her choice about who she will have sexual relations with has become a thorn in the side of a hypocritical society? We are aware that men were never checked when they had sex for the first time.

In fact, the number of women they have “laid” as a trophy contributes to the glorification of their “masculinity.” A man who cheats on his partner is a dude, while a woman who does so is declared a harlot, a whore who is marked with a big scarlet letter. We had connotations of misogyny and sexual sadism in the inquisition procedures in which the inquisitors would undress a woman and examine her body looking for a birthmark with which the devil had marked her.

Their hungry eyes enjoyed watching women in agony. Those sick minds invented machines like the vaginal pear. Even today, this kind of torture continues through media mind control in which a woman is torn between time and space, between two roles, a doll for sexual pleasure and a chaste, exemplary, pious woman and mother who is devoted to her family.

Divorce as an end

“A leaker, a second-hand woman, a loose woman.” These are expressions used to label women who have decided to divorce on their own initiative or those poor women who have been abandoned by their husbands. In the eyes of society, he must have done it because she was once again making a fuss, annoying and harassing him.

It is contradictory that patriarchal society considers men to be victims of loose women. God forbid, if a divorced woman finds a new partner and enjoys sex with him, it is a general disaster for the morals of society. It is the woman who, with her desire for freedom, threatens family values.


Women must not believe these sick standards and their doctrines. Also, they should not allow themselves to be broken by the hypocritical wishes and “well-intentioned” advice of the patriarchal society.

What is most valuable for the life of every human being is the feeling of freedom of managing one’s own life and making one’s own choices and decisions. Any forcing of consent is the enslavement of the mind and a form of psychological violence that society inflicts on women. Women have the right to realize all their potential and equally enjoy the happiness and joys of life. Because they are just as human beings as men.

1 thought on “Glorification of women’s suffering”

  1. If only one day I wake up to someone bringing me breakfast and not calling me lazy because as a woman I cannot cook,
    if only one day I go out without being starred at my breasts and objectified,
    if only one day I am not paid less at work because I am a woman,
    if only one day my sexual choices are not questioned,
    if only one day I don’t have to worry about returning home late at night,
    if only this world let’s me breathe easy because they consider me a human being.

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