What hurts more than cheating

Many people think that cheating is the most painful and worst thing that can happen in a love relationship. And those who somehow got over it struggled to rebuild trust with a loved one. Others agreed to everything, just to save the love relationship, blaming themselves. However, I believe that there are some worse things that can happen and completely affect the decline of self-confidence.

Humiliations and mockery

Have you ever experienced that your partner constantly finds fault with you? To study you in detail and tell you that you are pale, too thin, or that you have gained a few kilos? When do you realize that your makeup is too vulgar for him? When your friends and your commitment to work start bothering him.

In society, he makes fun of you and portrays you as a mad woman. The worst thing is that he tries to alleviate it with hugs and kisses while emphasizing that he accepted you as you are because no one else would put up with your unbearable behavior and expression. Cuddles mixed with insults cause confusion in your head, especially if you love him. But this is a serious alarm that you should leave him.

It’s not love, it’s some kind of false possession, its complexes and the fear that you can really find someone who will love and appreciate you. So run away from it before you start doubting your own worth.

Try to change

One of the worst things is his advice on how you should behave in order to be worthy of him, a superior, seductive man, and how you would be a suitable couple. If you hear the sentences “if you love me, you will do as I want” they are very dangerous because it is a sign that only his commands and your obedience are enough to maintain the relationship. He wants to discredit you and change/reshape you into a woman that suits him.

The painful truth is, when he succeeds, he will leave you and throw you away like a rag used to wipe away the dirt of his sick character. You really don’t need this and it will cost you unnecessary tears and sorting through your own conscience.

Jealousy and possessiveness

Control of your activities, constant calls, and questions about where you have been, who you hang out with, and who are the guys who are your friends on social networks can be nice and flattering at first. But later it becomes an obsessive control to possess you in everything to the limit to control your thoughts and emotions.

His anger and jealousy are not at all good for your mental health and can cause a great deal of fear. There is no place for fear in love, but for support and mutual understanding.

Destroying your mental health, and humiliating and insulting all your qualities is not love. Love doesn’t hurt. All this destroys your relationship and turns you into a faceless shadow that follows him. You become a victim of his mental torture. Worst of all, you become emotionally fixated on the feeling of masochism.

You think that you are okay with that amount of pain because he is your savior. In fact, he is your persecutor who will not stop until he destroys your identity and the qualities that make you authentic and special. All these emotional destructions are destructive to your character, so leaving such toxic relationships is the best solution.


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