Throw away the old version of yourself and embrace your “new me”

Throw away the old self so that you can enter the new self. Because you can’t be both at the same time. You cannot step on the next step without leaving the previous one. The intermediate phase lasts a short time. Should.

It’s time, to sum up, your past, and let it go. And you only take wisdom from her.

It’s time to let go of all the roles that the ego holds on to so tightly, and you no longer need them. Because we often unconsciously identify with them. We take on these conditioned programmed personalities as our true Selves, and nothing is further than that.

We live learned limiting beliefs, transferred fears, pains, and traumas as adults, and often we are just a child in disguise…

But the time comes…

The time has come for us to become aware of it, to realize it. There comes a moment when we are ready for the next level. There comes that turning point when we want to step forward, but the old self is desperately pulling back. And all this is just the ego that lives through each role and fights to survive, to survive… And the soul, the soul pulls forward. To “level up”. To a higher level. They pull you towards what you really are.

And that’s why when you understand the process, everything goes easier.

What does your new self look like?

Who is? What is she doing?

Where is? How does she live?

How does she walk? How does she talk?

How does she feel?…

Close your eyes and enter that picture. Experience it completely.

The feeling is the Key.

See yourself in that new form.

Let yourself enter that picture and bring it to life. To breathe life into her.

You have that power.

Who are you?

Who is that version of you that you are so attracted to?

Feel it completely…

Enter it with your whole being.

And she lives.

She lives with her eyes closed.

And then transfer that image to reality. Feel that future. That reality, that possibility.

And let it become your present.

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