Dear, you are the turning point

You are the one. You are the turning point. You are that awareness that changes things for the better. You are that Soul in your lineage chosen to make a change.

You’re the one to make the cut. To stop the thread of bad patterns, behavior, unconsciousness… And draw a line. So choose differently.

Go in the other direction. In a completely different way.

You are that change. You are the light that came to dispel the darkness. You are the joy that will drive away sadness. You are the peace that will silence the unrest. And in whose presence nothing is the same.

Because whoever you look at will feel the depths of your soul. Whoever you touch, you will warm their heart.

Whoever you turn to, you will bring hope. And leave a mark. Maybe invisible, but deep…

And he won’t be able not to feel the love you radiate. Well, you will discover it in another, even if only for a moment. And it will never be the same.

You are that soul. Chosen to bring change. To breathe hope. To raise awareness. To bring warmth.

And you shine.

You shine for all those who are (still) in the dark.

And you show the way.

So thank you. Many thanks.

Thanks for all you go through for it.

Thank you for every sacrifice, pain, and injury…

Because that path is not easy.

Thank you, brave Sweetheart. You are more important than you think. And then you may ever know.

How much richer the world is with your birth.

And how much it got because of your grace.

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