Marcus Alexi Aylwin – Character study “The Secret Keeper” book

Marcus Alexi Aylwin is a cousin of Alexis and Cora and the witches warrior. He is a child of Dora’s sister Zora and Alexander’s brother Vid. He is a member of his uncle’s warrior house, House of the wolves, an oldest and biggest warrior house in their world. He is tall, very tall, muscular and built like a brick wall, as his best friends Adam and Evan say. He is a year older then his cousins and is sworn to protect them until they bound to their own warriors.

“You are our warrior Marc, we need you as much as you need us. But on top of that you are our brother Marcus Alexi Aylwin and I will not give up on you. Blood was always ticker then water in our family.” – said Alexis trying to touch Marc’s cheek. He flinched away from her touch as if she hurt him just by touching him.

“Maybe I don’t wan to be your warrior any more Lex, maybe I do not wan to be a part of this family any longer.” – said Marcus spitting every word out as it was venom to him. One could see in his blue eyes that he did not mean any of what he said and that he was only doing that because Vivian was watching.

Alexis and Marcus “The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

His hair is dark, as a night dark, but his eyes, they were bluest sea color you could see. His look, well you could say, he had a bad boy look about him. He wore leather jackets, rip jeans and plain white t-shirts. Try to imagine John Travolta from Grease and Christ Hemsworth combined in to one seventeen year old boy body.

He is funny and very athletic. He is good at any sport he plays, especially at basketball and soccer. He is also very cocky and can be rude at times, especially to Cora’s best friend Hannah who has a crush on him. He likes the attention he gets from Hannah, but is not that in to her, at least in the first book. But under all that arrogant exterior he has a heart of gold and would jump in any dangerous situation for the ones he cares and loves. He especially dislikes bullies, those who hurt those who are weaker then them and those who are different then others.

“I never liked those who hurt someone just to prove that they can. I really hate those who pick on those who are different then them. For me those deserve when I knock their teeth out. So if anybody picks on you little friend they will meet my knuckles. As your brothers are, you also are my brother.” – said Marcus as he was pulling Phillip on his feet after the fight Phillip just had. The other guy was rolling on the floor holding his nose.

Marcus to Phillip “The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Marcus is also very overprotective of his little cousins Alexis and Cora. His protection over them is so big that even his best friends a scared to ask the two girls out. Both Alexis and Cora do not like that and are crossing fire and wind with him most of the time. They do understand that it is for their own good to have a protective warrior looking after them, but even to much protection can back fire sometimes.

Marcus looked at Adam like he is going to kill him if he accepts Alexis’s offer, and Adam saw that.

“I am still fond of my teeth Lex, but you can have your drink.” – said Adam

Alexis looked at Marcus who was nodding now and said: “Stop messing with me cousin, you know what I can do.”, took her drink and walked out on the porch.

Alexis, Adam and Marcus “The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

In the book Marcus is dating Vivian, a girl who is very popular and pretty and is his age. They are considered a power couple of their high school. Even thought we do se some friction between them in the book, they do care for each other very much. Or is it just a facade and they do not belong with each other? Is their love really real of is it some kind of illusion created by those who have a grudge with witches and their warriors?

“This isn’t you.” – said Alexis – “The real Marcus would hug his little cousin anytime, anywhere. Whatever is going on with you we can fix it.” – said Alexis

Marcus came closer and leaned back to whisper something in to her ear, watching very carefully not to touch her. I saw his lips form the words HELP ME. Alexis head nodded and then Marcus pulled back and looked at Alexis.

Alexis and Marcus “The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

With a high sense of responsibility and love for the ones he cares about Marcus will go to hell and back to make thing right, even if that means fighting with those he considers his brothers. When Marcus needs saving will the help come from those closes to him or from the ones he never thought more then nuisance and was only tolerating because of his little cousin you will have to find out in the book “The Secret Keeper”? I can just say the the first book is just the beginning of Marcus’s story. Where it will go and how will it end, well you will just need to be a bit patient until I finish my trilogy. Until the you can read the first book.

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