You do not hate Monday’s but the fact that you are not yourself

23:36 (11:36pm) I type this post,logically on the Sunday night, after twelve hours of typing. I still manage to put together coherent sentences because, check this out – is not difficult.

Most people say they hate Mondays… I know that tomorrow I will listen how it is snowing and there is frost,and that nobody wants to go to work. The usual stories are quite common for Mondays.

What are we afraid of when we think of the beginning of the week? Why do we catch anxiety when we remember that we have to get up in the dark, work and come back in the dark!?

In elementary school, even in middle school (although I did not feel a bit of discipline at this time), I remember every Friday when I came home, sighed, put on pajamas and be lazy the rest of the day.  The rest of the weekend depended on weather forecasts, plans for hanging out, but in winter it was always the choice to close yourself in the house and not go out. Those 48 hours to Monday would rest my brain. The Sunday evening was followed by showering and hair washing, because you do not go out in the morning with wet hair. My hair is just wrapped in a towel; old habits die hard.

I think anyone who hates tomorrow, or today, has not cleared some things with itself. This primarily means that he did not define what he wants from himself, from life, from work…  But the decision is actually very simple – or you make peace with ‘how it is’ life or you decide that every day exactly the same, that there are no weekends and holidays, and that everything you do is done exclusively for yourself.

Until three months ago I was no different. At one vital turning point, a head full of irrational fears and contemplation … Monday was the day when I rolled my eyes because I knew in myself that I was actually running away from myself and what I actually did was what I really wanted to do, for real. That’s why it’s not hard for me to write,because I’ve determined that writing is a priority.

The beginning of the week often reminds you of the job you do not like, the organization you have not mastered,the bucket of obligations you are not sure how you will manage, the bureaucracy you are waiting for, the debts you need to pay, the shopping you need done…

Monday is a reminder of thed reams you gave up.

… every other argument is just an excuse and the transfer of responsibility.

After I had done this stress, and with that snowy weekend, my friend asked me what I would do now that I have free days!? I paused for a moment and replied that I would work. Probably not with the same intensity, but the time of free days as an illusion of freedom passed from the day I finished high school, and then the school was my only obligation. I did not even write my homework’s.

And that is Monday, beginning the end of apparent freedom because you do not do the job you like because you think the job cannot be loved, because the weekend is a two-day anarchy on a daily schedule.

They’ve always been telling me how I can, but I will not, because I’m a campaigner, and I’ve always looked at my father’s work habits I admired. And he knows there is a Monday. And he has credits that he needs to pay. And he has children that have to be financed. And he has clients that nag and are unhappy and colleagues he doesn’t get along. Even he does not love his job, but he has been raised to believe that work frees you.

Today, after my reason and concentration slowly depart, I can conclude that every day we are upbringing ourselves to what we want, when we want to straighten that we are not catching anxiety on Sunday afternoon, and not to share the nonsense quotes about Monday’s weight, a day with which die all the enthusiasm and energy of life. I believe that such beliefs are merely a modern illusion that we believe how we will not have to face with oneself.

And just when I wanted to close this Word, up load it on the WordPress, I see my cellphone signaling that the message has arrived. At midnight, on Sunday, the first and only thought is”What madman is sending emails now?”. The answer is a blogger friend with her newsletter titled “Decide what you want”. For a long time, I have not try to explain things like this, but accepted the fact that her message confirmed my entire post – there is no working time, there are no restrictions and there are no Mondays …

However, today is a great day to ask yourself how much you’re free and ‘yours’, because they say that we start new victory’s – on Mondays.

12 thoughts on “You do not hate Monday’s but the fact that you are not yourself”

  1. This is such a great post with a really inspirational message. Monday’s should be a fresh start and the chance for brand new exciting opportunities. I think that if we have a positive attitude, the day can be so enjoyable and we can achieve so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts lovely! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  2. You’re post is amazing. i really appreciate your outlook on Monday’s. i feel as thought monday should be a great start to the week – a refreshing feeling. Also, i love your writing style. Thanks for the motivational words!


  3. Love this! So many people see Monday as the day to hate but, I’ve grown to love them. As I’ve gotten older and have experienced ups and downs, I started to use Mondays as my refresher. Everything that I could’ve been stressed about the week before diminishes and I get to start all over. I usually incorporate positive changes on Mondays to ensure the new week is better than the last.


  4. I love this post! It’s definitely an eye opener for things we should actually think about. Life is soo precious, we should take each day as the same. I pretty much love every day, of course, they’re always different from the next, even it’s a Monday or Wednesday. Monday’s should be a fresh start, they’re the start of a new week. You should be excited for Mondays

    Gemma |

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  5. This was a really great perspective. I sometimes find it hard to appreciate any of the days of the week that I feel things on my to do list are waiting on me! Thank you so much for sharing!


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