There is nothing like family

Today is one of those difficult days for me. Actually, I’m lying. This week is one of those difficult weeks for me.

Best of all, there is no specific reason at all. I’m not unhappy, I have everything I need, I balance life as best I can, but there is simply some weight in the air. It’s like everything around me is too loud, and I’m … I’m not a loud person. I love my peace and quiet. You know for sure what I’m talking about.

If only we had some remote for life. When you’re tired of everything, you just press pause to get a little pause and then go on living. When it’s too loud around you, you just mute the sound a little. Oh, how cool that would be to use on some people. And when it’s raining and you’ve already come out of the building without an umbrella, then you can just turn around a little bit backwards instead of running up the stairs to the apartment and back because you’re already late.

So, to make things easier. The devil is in those little things anyway.

But I release hell and stupid people today. I didn’t want to write about it. I’m writing too much about the wrong things anyway. I wanted to write about family.

Because as difficult as it is sometimes, you can always rely on some people. To those whose blood flows to your veins or you are connected threw a piece of paper and the forever word “I do” or who you choose to be your family. To tell you the truth, many times I forget how lucky I am to have a complex family. Actually, what a family I have. Some are not that lucky. Some have it, but they don’t actually have it. Some have it, but do not have a home. Some have it, but they don’t get it.

I’m one of those lucky ones whose family turned out just right, but still … It’s easy to forget. We always forget to appreciate the things in front of our noses, which is a stupid fact. Let this be a reminder to you and me.

Because the truth is, the family can easily push our blood pressure up to two hundred, but just remember that only those who care about us can get on our nerves. You’re not going to bother someone you don’t care about, nor are you going to let those who you do not care about piss you off because of whatever is irrelevant.

Family is not irrelevant. Whatever they are, they are ours. My dad tells this joke (or maybe not) for his children – “True, you’re a little weird, but you’re mine.” And he’s ours. And we can always count on him to do everything for our good, and to support us when no one else understands us. Sometimes he doesn’t understand, but he’ll still support us.

Same as mother. No one will ever care so much for you as a mother. Your mother cares for you at the same time in the present and in the past and in the future, but look, she does it because she loves you, not to get on your nerves. Start appreciating it before it’s too late.

Appreciate all those family lunches, socializing and laughing. Call them from time to time. Send a message that you are fine and that everything is under control. Embrace them as you see them.

Because there is nothing like family. There is no one who will accept you even when you screw up and how much you get wrapped up sometimes. There is no one else who will be angry with your injustice more than yourself. At least not to that extent. There is no one who will love you so much.

Love them too.

13 thoughts on “There is nothing like family”

  1. You make a great point. It’s best to be grateful and realize what we have. Family is very important and yes, they get on your nerves like noboy else can but they do honestly give a damn when no one else will. Great post!

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  2. Totally agree! There is nothing in this world like family. It’s especially hard now that I’m living abroad, I get quite homesick at times. Thank God for technology and video chats every week! I get more and more attached to my parents as I get older. Maybe cuz I finally realize they will not be around forever, so I need to cherish every moment.

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  3. I’m here for this appreciation! For me, my family is my mum is and the family I choose with my best friends and no matter how annoyed I am, I will always go them for everything. Great post 🙂

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  4. Ha ha, yes a remote for life would be very awesome. I just purchased noise-cancelling headphones so this helps somewhat in “muting” people around me and allowing me to listen to podcasts and what not.
    It’s funny how we can get down, or thrown off our game, by small things, or for no reason at all. I hope that you’re next weeks (Christmas & New Years!) improve for you.

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  5. I love the point that you made “Those who care about us, can get on our nervous,” if our family didn’t build our resilience to balance our aggravation how would we survive in this world. Especially when random strangers test our patience? Deep and thoughtful post.

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