Imagine if we were a little less concerned with others and a little more with ourselves

Just imagine. Just imagine how far we would go as a race if unfulfilled people realized that the cause of their misfortune was not someone else’s success. Imagine how much they would do to divert the energy they spend on dipping their soles to their own growth. Just imagine where we would be if we sometimes swallowed pride and left jealousy aside.

We would be ahead of time, not that time is ahead of us.

But now just think. Think about people who just watch what others do, who they hang out with, who they sleep with, who they wake up with; about people who are at the cutting edge of life, use all that information just to f**k someone. In fact, to whom it is a wish.

I realized that such people are most angry with two things. First, they get angry with your standards. Those standards that you set around people. You have standards with what kind of people you want to surround yourself with, and what kind of people you want to lend a hand and opportunity to, and you make it clear to those who do not fit in that they will not go. You just aren’t on the same wavelength, you don’t have the same priorities, and I find it more than fair to tell someone straight away or show how things are. Better than smiling at his face and holding a figure behind his back. But that’s just me.

I like to joke that I’m a masochist because of that, but they say there’s half the truth in every joke.

Speaking of halves, the other thing that annoys them is your happiness without them in that whole story. Sometimes I wonder if some people would be a little less bothered by the things I do if I let them closer to myself or share my harvested fruits with them. Just wondering, nothing more. I don’t regret it. I got nothing to regret for.

They say that people are generally bothered by someone else’s happiness, but my favorite Hesse once said that in people we hate only what is inside us, which are our desires or needs. What is not within us cannot even make us angry. I trust him, but it’s just me.

I keep saying that it is just me, because it has happened to me several times now that someone comes to me and says uneasily that he agrees with some of my thoughts, but not with everyone. Which is great for me because it means that he has his own opinion and is thinking, and of course not everyone should agree with me. I don’t even expect that.

I have also been told that I impose my opinion on others, but this is not the case. I only have the opportunity to express my opinions publicly, I do not force anyone to read me nor threaten to kill them if they do not agree with me.

Because honestly, I haven’t bothered for a long time about whether someone agrees or disagrees with me, whether or not someone supports me. Of course I’m glad to hear someone identify with me or support my work, but I won’t even get depressed if someone doesn’t love me.

I decided long ago that it was more important for me to deal with myself than others.

Maybe this is why I find it so uncomfortable to watch as someone directs all their energy towards diminishing someone else’s happiness, because one who is happy and at peace with himself will not even take such things or take them seriously. Literally people waste energy unnecessarily.

And just imagine how it would be for them to work on themselves and improve themselves instead of working on a new drama. Just imagine them stopping their feet and focusing on cooperation and fellowship, on looking forward to someone else’s and their own happiness. Just imagine how far we would go to leave pride and jealousy behind.

Just imagine.

7 thoughts on “Imagine if we were a little less concerned with others and a little more with ourselves”

  1. I always enjoy reading your thoughts, Marta! You make such a good point, if we spent less time concerning ourselves with others, we can spend more time and energy focusing on improving ourselves – the world would be a more positive and happier place. Thank you for the reminder, great post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  2. This is a really powerful piece, Marta. I really enjoyed this one. It’s very true as well – imagine how the world would be if we stopped worrying / obsessing / focusing on what everyone else was doing. Imagine how much more self assured we’d all be and how much more we’d get done!

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