Everyone is fighting for something, but they don’t even know for what

I like to say that I have more luck than mind. That may not be far from the truth. I have a family that loves me and I can always count on. I have people around me who help me turn ideas into reality. I have friends who support me even though they may not think the same, and even when they do not realize what I am up to now. I have friends who remind me that I have no reason to doubt myself.

I’m lucky because I can do what I love. I may be talented and capable, but I was damn lucky that they even noticed me and opened the door for me. It’s not all about work and effort, it’s also about how you get the stars.

I’m lucky because I have a roof over my head, drinking water, food in the fridge and a comfortable bed. These are the things we most often take for granted, and realistically, if we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t even be able to chase that famous Maslow’s self-actualization.

We take many things for granted. Many times we forget to be grateful for everything. Too few times we stop in front of the mirror and tell ourselves how lucky we are.

But that is why we are first in line when it comes to highlighting what is wrong with us. As much as it is okay to say what you think is wrong, so much is not right to do the whole problem. Today, everyone is hurt, everyone is misunderstood, everyone is wrong, everyone is discriminated against. Everyone is fighting for something, and they don’t even know for themselves what they are fighting for. The important thing is that they shout that this is not right.

Women shout that it is wrong because the man is ignoring them, and then they get offended while someone pays them for the booze because it makes them less independent. Men shout that they are expected too much, and then it bothers them if the woman is dominant. They just keep shouting.

They just wait for someone to look at them wrong so they can get angry at him.

They wait for that one wrong word purely so that they can dump on that person everything they need and do not need, purely that they can be the victim. Sometimes it is enough for someone to just think differently to endanger us and give us a reason to point at that person.

Sometimes it seems to me that people can hardly wait to be “discriminated against”.

It seems to me that people no longer differentiate when one is really discriminated against and when it is just life. The thing is, we live in an age where we have the most rights so far, the most options, the most opportunities, but we also have freedom of speech.

Freedom does not mean that only you can speak, do and think what you want. That means everyone can.

And so far we have had to learn that each of us is different and has an absolute right to do so. Everyone has the absolute right to choose their own path and lifestyle without asking if you agree to it and without anyone feeling threatened by it.

Worst of all is when women are arguing with each other about whether they have to be single and strong or simple housewives who live for their husband and family. Or something in the middle. They can be whatever they want. The fact that a woman has chosen another option does not in any way diminish the women who have decided to pursue a career and then everything else. Just as a woman choosing to be an entrepreneur does not detract from a woman choosing to be a housewife. After all, maybe their stars just lined up like that and one of the options came more natural then the other. There is no need for one to write about that the other must not publicly say that a woman must live this way and that.

Because if we all have the right to free speech, then we all have it. That’s what we wanted, that’s what we got.

Why anger at different thinking? They do not define us but those who have them. Why the constant search for drama and bad things? Can’t you see how lucky we really are?

We have a roof over our head, drinking water, food in the fridge and a comfortable bed. We have everything we need to make the best of our lives. Only if we still learn to appreciate what we already have instead of just looking for what’s wrong.

9 thoughts on “Everyone is fighting for something, but they don’t even know for what”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I got hooked to really understand why are we really fighting and to what end? Everyone should be able to live their truth without being judged. We should appreciate the little things and express gratitude always. Love this 💜

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