Assumptions about Good Witches and instructions on how to recognize them

Skilled women or witches are good and are often considered earthly angels. Witches have a deep connection to nature, while angels are beings of the air. Witches are Earth beings and intermediaries between humans and elemental beings. Both serve the greater good in everything they do. Read on to discover 11 signs that someone is a good witch.

1. You often have prophetic dreams

Do you dream dreams that eventually come true? Are your dreams often apocalyptic or in them you may meet loved ones who have passed away? You can also dream of various shapes – especially a five-pointed star or a triangle.

These shapes can appear in nature through our dreams like a flower with five petals or in the shape of a triangular leaf. The circle is also a symbol of witches because it symbolizes the wholeness of the world and eternity. The circle also symbolizes the Moon and witches are often called the children of the Moon because of the goddess Diana.

2. You can easily feel the atmosphere

You enter a room full of people and you immediately know that there is some kind of conflict? Can you feel if the room is full of people friends or foes? Furthermore, can you sense if something is simply wrong?

Many witches have extremely strong intuition and the ability to feel everything. Witches feel all the emotions that people have.

3. You like to be outside

Do you want to be outside, no matter the weather? You may want to be outdoors at different times of the day and night. In fact, you may even feel livelier at night.

You are delighted by the smell of grass after mowing or the smell of summer rain. You may even be able to smell the snow before it starts to fall in the winter, since witches are children of nature.

4. You are a sensitive soul

Can you feel someone else’s pain or discomfort? People want to talk to you and they want you to give them advice or they want to confide in you about their problems. People feel comfortable with you because of your caring and sensitive nature.

In the past, many witches acted as local counselors. People sought their help for all kinds of problems.

5. You feel attracted to a particular animal

Go back to your childhood, was there an animal, bird or insect that was always with you or would find you even if you were on vacation? It could be anything, from a spider to a cat or a crow.

Even stray dogs seem to follow you. These animals are looking for you because they are what we call families. They are gifts from the spirit that keep you and care for you.

6. You love making medicines and remedies

Do you like to spend time making homemade herbal remedies? Are you fascinated by homeopathy?

You may use lavender to help you fall asleep or peppermint tea to soothe your stomach. Witches were famous healers and pharmacists.

7. Children and animals are naturally attracted to you

Do you feel that children and animals like to be with you more than with others, even more than with their own parents?

The reason children and animals are attracted to you is that they can feel the magic in you. You also make them feel safe and know they can trust you.

8. You are interested in space and the solar system

You may want to watch documentaries about the universe and all the different planets. You may know that there is more life in space, but you also know that we are all connected.

You are also interested in the zodiac and astrology.

9. You love art

You love making a variety of things, from candles, cooking to sewing clothes.

You love to create and feel at home whether you are cooking in the kitchen or making gifts or greeting cards for other people.

10. You recycle

You take deep care of the earth and the environment and try to protect the Earth whenever you can. You adore the seasons and the changes of nature they bring.

You recycled long before everyone else. You love autumn, winter frost, spring flowers and bees buzzing in summer parks.

11. You believe in the greater good

Whatever you do, do it with goodness in your heart. You give your best in everything you do. You also believe in magic and everything it involves – fairies and other elementals of the earth. You also believe in ghosts.

Yet, in all your beliefs and in everything you feel, there is a strong force of good and you are a part of it.

13 thoughts on “Assumptions about Good Witches and instructions on how to recognize them”

  1. Witches, as a term, used to have a negative connotation in my mind before this post. But you have changed all that! I believe the traits of good witches are interesting and very important to a society wellbeing.

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    1. Why was a term witch a negative one before this? A label witch was used for women who did herbal medicine in the past and for free thinking women. Before Christianity a witch was a very powerful women in a society. It was the Church who made those women in to something negative.


  2. Magic has been woven around women throughout history. Women were healers, caregivers, they gave birth to children…, so in the Middle Ages the extremely patriarchal religion began to persecute them and they were given the negative title of witches. I believe in white magic and good witches. Great article! Nina

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  3. I always believed that good witches exist in this world and this article proved that! I am a sensitive soul and always try to help others but yes, I don’t possess all the characteristics that you have enlisted here! Great article 😊


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