Hannah OakTree – Characters case study – The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Hannah is the next door neighbor of Alexis and Cora and Cora’s best friend since forever. The sister’s mother Dora is a great friend with Hannah’s mom. Cora and Hannah have a very special and tight bound and would do anything for each other. As Cora, Hannah also has a very high sense of responsibility and follows the rules. The girls perfectly mirror each other.

In the book Hannah just turned fifteen. She has long wavy black hair and pale blue eyes with a bit of green and brown in them. Her round face is complemented by plump lips that always look like they have a gloss on, although Hannah rarely puts on makeup. Her skin is extremely pale, porcelain white and with that black hair of hers along with red lips makes her look like a Snow White from the stories.

She is nice and kind. Doesn’t get in to trouble, keeps her head in the book and has straight A’s in school. She is also very witty and cunning when she needs to be. She is also very crafty and makes most of her own clothing and jewelry.

Hannah was the last one to enter the hall of the school on the night of white and black school dance. She stood at the door of the school and looked around. Cora smiled at her when she saw that Hannah decided to dress in a jumpsuit instead of the dress her grandmother picked for her. Cora knew that Hannah made that jumpsuit form scratch. It was white, silky with bear shoulders then just enhanced more Hannah’s porcelain skin. She wore her loose and just had a golden head piece that had her family’s sign in the middle and was in her family for generations. But it was another look that Hannah caught looking at her as she climbed the steps to the school’s hall. Marcus was looking at her from the across the hall, even thought Vivian was right there next to him, he could not take his eyes off Hannah. Hannah ignored him, she did not need to overwhelm on Marcus now. She did not need to think if he liked her or not. Tonight Hannah was determent to have fun with her girl friends

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Hannah is a hopeless romantic and madly in love with Marcus since she was a little girl. Even though he sometimes is not that nice to her, she has not given up on him. Deep down she knows that Marcus and her are meant to be. Even thought her girl friends know this, it was only Phillip who figured out that Hannah loves Marcus. To everyone, especially to Marcus was not that obvious. When Marcus starts dating Vivian, Hannah gets jealous and has conflicted emotions and feelings about the whole situation.

Hannah ran out of the house with Marcus right behind her. What just happened inside was too much for her to handle. Marcus once again showed her how easy it was to mess with her and her feelings.

“Anna stop” – Marcus yelled as he ran after her – “I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to. It was just a game. For fuck sake just stop Anna.”

Hannah stopped running and turned on her heal to face a head taller Marcus. He was out of breath, she was fast, the fastest one in school. Not a big surprise as she was on the school’s track team. This time she did not let Marcus speak, she jabbed her finger in to his puffed chest and told him off.

“That is Marc. No more games, no more nice Hannah. You are a jerk Marcus Alexis Aylwin. A hot head, over confident jerk. I am so done with you and your games. Just leave me alone. And do not ever call me Anna again. YOU DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT!” – said Hannah turned around and ran off into the woods

The Secret Keeper by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Now don’t you go hating on Marcus. He is not that terrible to Hannah and they are really good friends and have a great chemistry. Is just when her jealousy takes over her judgment and when his cockiness and overly confident ego takes over him they clash and sparks fly. You got to understand that Marcus comes form the world where emotions do the talking, where lust is a major part of living and where people are very confident in them selves. Also Marcus just thinks Hannah has a crush on him and nothing else. If he knew she was truly in love with him he would act differently towards her.

“Come one Marc, do not give on me now.” – said Hannah as she kneeled down to heal Marcus’s wounds. He was bleeding so much, from every direction on his body there was a slice where blood was coming out. Hannah worked her magic, her palms worked up and down his torso closing every cut, slice and bruise he had on him.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Hannah comes from a royal blood line, even though her family has lost their titles and lands. Her ancestors escaped from Russian revolution and changed their names so they would not get detected. Alexis and Spring like to call her “Little Duchies” as they are along with Cora who knew Hannah’s family history. Being of another nationality and Orthodox faith Hannah along side Spring is a outcast in the community. Because of that it only made Hannah love the Aylwins’ and Roseries’ more. Both families did not have any problem with them being different and were good friends. If her family stayed in Russian and held on to their titles, assuming they would not get killed in the Revolution, Hannah would be known as Hannah Andreevna Romanoff and a supposed great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Nicholas I. But we will never truly know as most of the records are lost.

“So Little Duchies, what will it be? Are you coming with us or staying safe?” – Alexis asked Hannah as they were about to walk into the woods to find what was huffing and puffing and squeaked in pain.

“Why Little Duchies?” – asked Adam

Hannah just waived her hand and shook her head: “Never mind that. I am going with you Lexa.”

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Hannah is stronger then she gives her credit. She will go to extreme lengths for whet she believes is right and would do absolutely anything for those she cares about. Even thought she is not of magical blood Hannah will gain the power to manipulate elements and much more, because of that it will be clear to Hannah that there is something more to her family then just being of royal blood. Hannah becomes a Earth witch and like Spring quickly adapts to her new role and environment. Like Spring, Hannah always knew what Alexis and Cora are, and they never had a problem with that, it was mostly because they were allowed into their world form a very young age and saw what the girls did on every day bases.

Hannah was on the bed, with her eyes closed. She had a t-shirt on and I could see the lines appearing all over her arms and hands. Cora was kneeling beside her and had her hands over Hannah’s arms. The glass of water that was on the night table was pouring out water and the water was coming to Cora’s hands cooling Hannah’s arms…

The lines now formed flowers and thorns. And it was still popping out of nowhere…

With every rubbing the lines moved faster and formed faster than before. When Cora finished rubbing, the lines that now formed roses, vines and thorns. Hannah’s eyes opened completely and her breathing went back to normal.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

With her withy and cunning nature Hannah will gain insight to more power then anybody thought possible and with the help of Aylwin sisters with tap into more magic then she though she could, only to prove to her self how strong she really is.

Hannah’s hands starting to glow with the same white light that healed Aya the wolf and seconds later all the marks of the fight with the Valkyrie disappeared from Alexis’ face.

“The Secret Keeper” by Marta Z. Skeledzija

Will Hannah be able to became a full witch and will she be able to save those she loves the more well you need to buy the book to find out that?

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