Why 2021 wouldn’t be the most beautiful year of my life

Too many of us blindly believe, in the perception of the world, served to us by the media. A focus on disease, political divisions, economic upheavals, environmental disasters, famines and wars. Darkness!

Yes, it’s true! That is what is happening in the world. But what about everyone else? You can have a realistic view of the world only when you look at the whole picture.

I don’t follow the news constantly! I don’t follow because they drain my energy.

Pandemic, economic crisis, earthquakes…

Yeah! But also a huge number of people, who show astonishing compassion, a willingness to selflessly help and finally do so.

I survived a bunch of “worst years”. I listened, countless threats, as the “worst” was yet to come.

And there was truth in all that. But also light and optimism.

There are lights even now. At least those of my personal, small lights, which gathered in a cup, can make an explosion of joy.

I worked like a mad women last week. There were deadlines that needed to come to the end, there were missive chapters to finish and some to edited, there were come that needed to be translated and polished. I fell off my feet, no, my fingers fell off, from fatigue. It was hard for me and I was exhausted.

But… –

I do what I love. I work.

-J. took over the kitchen and greeted me, with a warm and delicious lunch and liters of coffee! And then he would mix Pinna Colada for me or we would sit and drink beer from the same bottle.

– We watched movies every night.

-One evening, while my eyes were closing on their own, and I thought J was already asleep, he came to me quietly, kissed me and said: “I just wanted to tell you that I love you! Let’s go to bed ”

-Grandpa’s medical results are good !!!

-A friend of mine bought me a dress, which I’ve been looking at for a long time. As I screamed that I couldn’t take her, she screamed as she too got the dress she wanted from her sister and it was time for the chain to continue.

-Mine brother announced that he would have a child in July, a little girl, a cancer just like her aunt

-A. she finally underwent surgery. The operation went in perfect order! Everything will be alright! Just right.

The world is in a constant crisis. Social and economic turmoil! But..

But there are also amazing people around us all! Dreamer, enthusiast, visionary! Fighters!

I am happy to see them around me and to have them on my side! I am optimistic about the future! We should all be.

Yes, the world is chaotic at the moment. It will certainly be for some time.

But that is life. Everything in it just works that way.

To build something new and better, one must demolish something that was collapsing by itself anyway. What was rotten and what was falling apart. We can only build something new if we look for hidden, positive things, where others no longer see them. Where they are, few people even look for them.

Why wouldn’t 2021 be the most beautiful year of my life?

Why wouldn’t I focus, on what’s under my control (family, friends, personal development), instead of worrying about things I can’t control?

There is so much that makes me happy, what I look forward to, what I love!

And that’s what I need to focus my gaze on. It’s my window, into that better world!

16 thoughts on “Why 2021 wouldn’t be the most beautiful year of my life”

  1. What a positive message. A great take on all the negativity around. Especially at a time like this in a global pandemic we need to focus on the positives and see the light around us. There is plenty shining if you look for it!!

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  2. Such a motivational post! I don’t follow the news constantly either. I keep up to date with what I have to but too much news is so draining and not necessary either. 2021 isn’t going to be the best year of my life but I’m focusing on the positives for sure and it’s so important that we do right now x

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  3. I love this! All so true, there are so many things to be so grateful for and feel positive about, we can’t just write off this entire time. It is too much time, too many wonderful moments to be cherished.

    This time has taught us an awful lot and I intend to walk in to this new normal in a different way x

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  4. Empowering and positive post! I have a tendency to focus on the negative, but I’m doing better at directing my attention to the good in my life. You are right that we need to focus on improving what we can control rather than stressing over what we can’t. We can find so much beauty and good in the world if we just take the time to look. Take care!

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