Serbian youtuber Nixa Zizu who horiffied the region: You need to tell a man “Yes, you’re right all the time.”

Disclaimer: I lost brain cells and got sick while watching him talk. My IQ dropped by 100s. MEN SHOULD NOT ACT LIKE THAT. YOU ARE NOT A MAN OF YOU BELIEVE WHAT HE IS SAYING.

Unfortunately, I came across a recording of a Serbian television show Hype TV in which a Balkan youtuber was a guest. Never heard of him before. Luckily I didn't. And unfortunately that I did. And now I'm going to tell you that weird story too. An individual has more than 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 200,000 on Instagram. He gave himself the right to talk about everything. And also about why violence against women happens.

You can not say no

One of the presenters pointed out her opinion, and at the same time the ultimate truth: if you are dressed in any way, and walk naked on the street – no one has the right to sexually abuse you. Not even in words, let alone anything else. You have basic human rights.

Just because you have or don’t have rights doesn’t mean it’s not your fault. – is a comment from youtuber. When you come to a man, you need to know, if you don’t give him what he wants, you’re already in big trouble. You are the weaker sex and you are weaker than him. (BIG RED FLAG)

The presenter asks: When someone says no to you, do you realize that it is no? Even your girlfriend can tell you no at some point and that should be respected. You have no right to say no. – is his comment.

For a few more moments, the presenters tried to have a civilized conversation. However, they soon left the studio after he told one to keep everything she says, if she is smart, to herself for some man. You need to tell the man: Yes, you are right all the time.

Media coverage for mental genocide

The thoughts and attitudes of this individual are shared by many others. The region has risen to its feet, but this petty mind still has more than 600,000 subscribers. Children, teenagers, people follow him. And that’s the scariest thing in the whole story. That such individuals have media space.

I don’t like to call living beings derogatory names. But for this, as one woman, I have no other term. Providing media space to such and their like-minded people should be prohibited and punished by law in a number of ways. But I’m afraid of it, oh look and behold, there is no applicable law for that.

A silent disease of our society

This is just one example of the deprivation of the female voice, humiliation and sexual degradation. Just one example of unjustified male monopoly and tyranny based on fictional measurements of the strength-weakness scale.

If literally shit came out of his mouth, it would sound nicer. Even sadder of all is that he said out loud the reality that too many women suffer. Who still live in silence subordinate to male tyranny. Husbands, fathers, employers.

Women are silenced in various ways and on various occasions. Not always as clear and loud as in the show. Which isn’t to say it’s not equally important.

The youtuber show is just one loud and transparent display of what is happening in many homes. On many jobs. In many lives. It is just a loud sight of what is quietly circulating in our society. And in the world.

Weaker sex #myass

I shudder at any kind of discrimination, but I take this personally. I guess because I’m a woman myself. I hope each of you is the same. Become aware if you have in any way been diminished or silenced. And don’t suffer. Never. For no one.

Starting in person, we make a change. Every conversation and story like this touches me and ignites all the world’s resistance force within me. After watching the video, I was going through various mental images and scenarios… It wouldn’t be bad at all if the presenter stripped naked and twisted the crotch of the person in question in the studio with her weaker hand. When his mind’s compartments are already untouchable, let the necessary destruction take place at least on the crotch.

In a world ruled by a visible and invisible male monopoly, it is okay to show aggression and resistance. Femininity and tenderness do not mean weakness. Resistance and aggression are not a lack of femininity and tenderness. Strength is already needed in most situations in which a woman finds herself.

Men never chose means when, in rare cases, their basic human rights were threatened. I don’t see why we shouldn’t? Would we be guilty at the moment? Oh no, wait. We’re guilty anyway.

There is no translation of that video, thank God. If anyone for any reason wants to watch it or hear what was said in the video please send me a message and I’ll try to translate it. Also if this guy ever starts speaking in English please block his ass. He really has nothing smart to say.

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