Never beg for attention or love

Do not beg for the love from those who have no time for you, those who think only of themselves. Never do that.

You don’t deserve those who make you feel invisible and insignificant with your indifference. You deserve someone whose attention makes you feel important.

Love must be manifested, but one should never beg for it. When you have to do this you are actually experiencing the greatest expression of emotional injustice, the imbalance that characterizes the mood in a relationship.

You deserve someone who talks a little and does a lot. You don’t deserve someone looking for you only when he needs it, but a person who is on your side even when you have a need, not just when it comes to interest.

You deserve someone who, without any expectations, lets you in, feels you, and makes you feel important in his life.

After all, it is very simple, the person you deserve is the one who, when he has freedom of choice, approaches you, appreciates you and dedicates time and thoughts to you.

There is no lack of time, but of will

They say that there is no lack of time, but of will, because when a man really wants something, dawn turns into day, Tuesday into Saturday and one moment turns into possibility.

It is also said that those who expect too much, remain disappointed and suffer. It is understandable, therefore, that our expectations must be revised and put in the head “expect nothing from anyone, only from yourself.”

Because hopes and expectations are often (not all) the basis of emotional fiascos and that is why there is a lack of interest in the views of others.

Then we observe what others are doing or say as deception, we feel a lot of pain. Emotional pain affects the brain in the same way as physical pain.

In this sense, you have to make an important distinction, i.e. you have to give psychological stress the importance it has. Not even severe abdominal pain or an unbearable headache should be ignored.

Then why ignore emotional pain? We can’t let time cure pain, we have to work and learn lessons that help us, in the same way we would stop eating chocolate if we found out it was the cause of our stomach pain.

This is very important because there is a misconception in society that psychological distress is a sign of weakness and that time will heal wounds without the need for “disinfection” or bandages and plasters to prevent bleeding.

Appreciate yourself, wish others well

Dedicate time to people who deserve it, who make you feel good. Do not beg for the attention, friendship or love of anyone. Whoever wishes you well, he shows it.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a situation of emotional injustice so alarmingly, remember that:

Do not call those who do not answer your phone calls. Don’t look for those who don’t feel your absence. Don’t write and don’t succumb to the indifference they have shown you with ignored messages or unfounded silence.

Don’t wait for those who aren’t waiting for you, appreciate yourself and stop begging for love. As I have said, love must be shown and felt, but never begged. Your love should be reserved for those who wish you well and understand you without condemnation.

And don’t forget the value of your smile in the mirror, love yourself and value yourself for everything you are, not for what someone who doesn’t deserve you thinks of you. You wish well to yourself and understand that if someone ignores you, it does not mean that you should not do everything possible to surround yourself with people who want to be in your life.

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