Leave other people’s opinions where they belong

The human mind is something fascinating. That we are capable of imagining or inventing is amazing.

One of the greatest human fears is the fear of other people’s opinions. This category includes fear of public appearance, ridicule, gossip, insults. It’s all the same. Other people’s opinions, other people, ridicule — it’s all a fear of what someone will say.

People have an opinion on everything. ABOUT EVERYTHING! And they love to express it.

You are always something to others. You’re too young to do that. You’re too old to do that.

You are not educated enough to work there, or you are overqualified.

Or you are too thin for them, so there is a possibility that you are lying when you say how much you eat. Or you’re too fat for them so you should be ashamed if you like to eat something.

Either they don’t approve of your partner as if they are with him and not you, or they think you should be with this and that person because she is right for you. Well surely they know better! How would you know who you want to be in a relationship with?

It is natural for people to have an opinion. It’s not a matter of whether people have an opinion, but what they do with that opinion? How do they use their opinion? And most important of all, do they change their minds when they realize that it is not such that it does them good?

When someone expresses their opinion to you and makes you feel bad, remember if there are times when you express your opinion and make someone else feel bad?

It would be wonderful if we all expressed our opinion only and exclusively in a way that makes us all better.

It’s okay when you notice that someone isn’t doing something well. And now, how do you tell him it doesn’t work well? In a way to ruin his self-confidence? Or in a way that feels like it worked so well, and now it will work even better?

The more you work this other way, the better people will feel around you.

Open people are those people who allow themselves to admit that they may not have enough information about something. They spread their knowledge. They are open to new knowledge, new information, opinions, opportunities. They don’t discard something before they gather more information.

You cannot extend knowledge to a closed person. A person who has the same opinion, the same attitudes all his life.

People like to be right. They like to think they know everything about everything. They like to impose on others what they think.

It is not said for nothing that it is not important what is said, but who is talking.

Let’s say you’re slim, you feel good. You think about how you want to be in better shape and have an even firmer body.

How will you accept the opinion of a person who tells you how to achieve this, if you know that person is struggling with excess weight and often complains about it? You certainly won’t learn from her about it.

And then why take offense when that same person tells you that you are rude because you will not listen to them? That person is frustrated with his situation.

If you looked through the eyes of the soul you would see a sad person wanting to lose weight. If she wasn’t frustrated, she would compliment your line and ask you how you are doing. Sometimes it can be hard to remember things like this while someone is belittling you.

That’s why it’s said that it matters who’s talking, not what’s being said. It’s not just when someone is holding you back or insulting you, but also with advice, learning about life.

If these people would take care of themselves instead of you, very soon their life would be wonderful and then they would be the ones to marvel at those who take care of others instead of themselves.

It is best to leave someone else’s opinion where it belongs. In someone else’s head, in someone else’s thoughts. Another’s opinion can only affect you if you allow it to become your opinion.

Your mind is like a kingdom. And you are a king in your kingdom. Other people’s opinions are like the opinions of other kings, from other kingdoms. Allowing someone else’s opinion to rule you is like letting other kings rule your kingdom.

And who would want that?

Rule your kingdom. The advice of other people, if you feel they are good, can be like the benevolent opinions of other rulers who know how to rule their kingdom. And I can serve you well.

Why follow the advice of those who see that there is no basis? Where do these tips take you?

And remember. Usually the answers are in you. Very often when we are alone the answers come by themselves. Let other people go. The one who shouts the most, expresses his opinion and is the smartest, is usually the one who needs help and knowledge the most.

Know that you are more than good just the way you are. I don’t care how many pounds you have, or what schools you graduated from, or how old you are. School is not a measure of knowledge. Rarely does school make us wise.

Not even kilograms are a measure of the weight of your heart that can grow and be lighter and more beautiful than the slimmest and most beautiful person. Age is not a measure of one’s wisdom. Sometimes the oldest have a more innocent and tender soul than the child himself. And yet, the younger ones hide deeper knowledge and experience than anyone older.

Nothing can touch me so much as my own opinion of myself. If ten people tell me I’m stupid, I can just laugh every time. But if I told myself I was stupid, it would hurt me the most.

The only thing that matters is what you think about yourself.

Also, the opinion I care about is an opinion that is love, that spreads love, a story out of love, and that love itself.

And love has no age, no pounds, no college.

You already are. You are love. Clean the dust from the crown that lies forgotten, put it on your head and be the ruler of your kingdom of love.

You have my bow, Your Majesty. And now go and rule!

4 thoughts on “Leave other people’s opinions where they belong”

  1. Thank you for this post. Its so difficult to not care what others think. But this post is such an important reminder to trust ourselves. I needed this reminder x

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  2. I feel like if someone else works so hard to impose their opinion of you onto your day/existence then they have some other motive behind it. Trying to manipulate, control or offer us thoughts about someone else’s life/decisions is so off-putting. Too many people think they get an opinion when in fact they don’t. I love this reminder you’ve shared — fab post!

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