Don’t let them tell you about sailing, those who didn’t raise the anchor ever

Every day, we face criticism from various people. Whether it’s people from our families, a small circle of people, or just acquaintances. There they are, following you in the footsteps like a shadow, so that they can see your every wrong step before you, even the smallest one. And before you say hop and jump where you want or think you want, here they are. They jump out of the darkness, out of the shadows, warning you not to go that way, letting you know how wrong your steps are.

It is interesting what stands in them. That amount of nothingness, complex, misery. Most fear of life. They cannot take a step forward without the approval of other people. Also, taught by their own patterns of behavior, they think they can suggest to you where to go. Hey, but in what way? Who are they to point a finger at you or others?

Those who comment do not live

I learned a long time ago to ignore such individuals. I did not allow or will allow them to change my direction, especially to comment on me. Because that’s exactly what they did, they didn’t do anything in their lives, or at least they didn’t try. They don’t know the sea.

They do not know what it means to live in their own pain, while the waves break you against the rock, getting stronger every day. They do not know what it means to sail far, towards the open sea, cultivating the hope that what you want will be waiting for you there.

They do not know how difficult it is to go into the unknown, wild, while keeping yourself and faith in loved ones, hoping for the best even though you are aware in the depths of your soul that the worst can come. They don’t even know the most beautiful calm sea on the eve. Moments of peace with yourself, peace and merging with the whole world. Unity with nature and all the experiences you have let into your life.

You, who persistently steal a part of your dream, are the ones who never raised the anchor. Is it too hard for them? Too much fear paralyzes them to stay standing sinking in their ship, in the place of lost dreams?

Let them, let them continue to talk about us who have long ago set out in search and sailing for happiness. If the waves break us, day by day more and more, at least we fight, at least we know that we truly live.

To be your captain, your sail and your anchor

We feel all the pain through the fight, we feel the wind in our backs that pushes us further even when it’s hard. We also feel at peace where some of our dreams fall apart.

Why? Because when we got on that ship, we sat down for good. We sat down because we wanted to become someone else, someone better. We knew when we would enter, and if we sank, we would sink along with hope and respect for ourselves, because we had proven to ourselves that we were persistently moving forward through all adversity and storms.

Where will you be more beautiful than being responsible for your own sailing? I hold the helm in the hands of life, I fight against everyone and go through storms and waves. Those who say you can’t go against life, through huge waves, are wrong.

You have proved to yourself that you can and will. You are not afraid of sea monsters, you are more afraid of what it would be like to be trapped on a ship of illusions. You would sink with them, deeper every day, and the chest of your dreams, of what you are, would remain forever at the bottom of the ocean. No one would find her, because you dumped her by staying on that ship.

Dare, for yourself. You have nothing to fear. Once you set off, you will restrain your own waves, learn to sail both through gloomy clouds and the biggest waves, and through the most beautiful and calm waters. Be what you are, be the captain of your life.

And they, let them keep talking about your voyage. Let them admire from a distant port how far you have moved away from what you were, how far you have moved away from them. And let them look into the open sea, looking for your figure somewhere in the twilight, hoping that you will come and finally deliver them, or merge with their fear.

Don’t look back, you know, once you go there is no going back. The next stop is the great blue of your dreams and the life of freedom you have always wanted to live.

The next stop is the most beautiful twilight and sunrise on your sails again.

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