Absurdistan – they walk for life, but close their eyes to the problems of living people!

I stared at the white paper in front of me for a long time, waiting for all the thoughts and emotions related to the topic I wanted to write about to settle in me. “Walk for life.” What a trivial name. Full of irony, disguised poison, packed in lots of cheerful balloons and wide smiles of young families. The picture you want to send is just a nicely packaged lie. There is nothing peaceful, warm, good, or family here. It is a spread of an ideology in which a woman must submit to society and her husband, reminiscent of the totalitarian regimes we have fled from in the past.

What do people in mantles have to do on a so-called quiet walk for something?

What does nationality have to do with abortions? What kind of “life” is this being propagated? And all under the patronage of the faith, which I began to be ashamed of.

I am afraid of the message that these “Peaceful Walkers” are spreading. What are they ready for as they talk about God, family, and life? What’s next if this passes them by? Will they forbid us to breathe?

Will it separate girls from boys? Girls will no longer be allowed to read and write? Will she not have the right to vote? Where does this lead? In a copy of The Handmaid Tales, so many were horrified and told about poor women and their sufferings, but yesterday without thinking once, put on T-shirts with stupid messages and took to the streets supporting the same system and pushing their hands into a woman’s crotch?

Do they understand that this is the least about the fight against abortion and the most about strengthening the currents, nationalist ideologies, which have long been banned by law and whose exclamations were punished by athletes and fans? Do they know that we are the country with the lowest abortion rate in Europe?

Have we as a nation gone completely crazy?

How is preventing a woman from deciding on her own body different from a totalitarian system? With their “good intentions”, they revoked all possible rights, to all those who did not agree with their ideologies, and then the system punished those who did not agree with it.

The idea of ​​that same fascism extends through the slogans shouted by these walkers, while they consciously want to abolish basic human rights. And the right to choose – what you will do with your body, how you will live, who you will love, are basic human rights!


Fascism as an ideology has killed millions of people and its “heritage” is still felt today. And as countries around the world distance themselves from such attitudes, as the last remnants of totalitarian regimes around the planet fall, we are trying our best to return to complete darkness.

What do all these suddenly emerging associations with so-called “traditional” values ​​really stand for?

Who are these people? What are they really advocating for? Think about what they have been walking around, protesting, lobbying for, and asking for referendums for the past ten years? Against gay marriage, for defining marriage as the institution of husband and wife, for gender ideologies, for motherfuckers who interest no one in the 21st century except them. Where does their money come from? Who finances them? Why don’t they deal with the existing problems of society? Why create new ones?

Why have they been structurally working on the division of society in the last decade?

The irony of all this falls that the EU is promising a modern Croatia and a bright future.

Where is their modern Croatia? Where is their future? I only see the Middle Ages here.

The funniest thing in all this was the fact that many people jumped for that “event” yesterday, painted nicely for social networks, became their pride, fully convinced that they are changing something for the better. Many took the whole family on their walk, and above their posts, they put comments like – ‘God and family! Let the woman know where she belongs! Shut up and give birth! ‘

With all the “Christian” messages that this walking circus sent to the world yesterday, the fact that all these messages were aimed at a woman stood out the most!

Nowhere was it said that a woman does not make a child by herself, that a man is equally responsible for the issue of unwanted pregnancy, that many men make a child and then run away, leaving the woman alone to deal with the situation!

Nowhere, no message talked about it!

I had a fit of laughter when I saw on Facebook the selfie of a self-proclaimed feminist she proudly fired while doing a popular duck face and wrote – I am here to support the right to life of unborn women who will one day change this society for the better! Unborn children are our future!

I wanted to write to her – Children born, suffering hungry in homes, abandoned and forgotten, but who cares? Mainly that you took a picture for Insta! But I kept quiet and just freaked out.

On the other hand, an acquaintance commented on my Facebook status – Give birth, I will adopt them. – which I just rolled my eyes and decided to ignore, but one of his companions wrote: “Orphanages are full of unwanted children.”

The message of all this is very clear. Smart people understand that this is not about caring for unborn children, that there is no desire at all to protect any child but to mask questionable ideologies. There are too many children in Croatia who need protection, love, attention, and security.

If abortion is banned, it will not stop women who intend to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, they will only be forced to do so in inhumane, life-threatening conditions.

Neither women nor children are protected here, least of all the unborn.

The personal interests of certain currents are protected, which, under the camouflage of beautiful words, drive fear into the bones of every wise man.

And somehow I hope that there are more wise people in this country than naive ones! Because believe me, no woman decides to have an abortion lightly, most want to keep a child if they can… but if she finds herself in a situation where it seems impossible to her, she should have the right to choose!

2 thoughts on “Absurdistan – they walk for life, but close their eyes to the problems of living people!”

  1. Relating abortion rights to religion or “traditional values” is just an excuse to keep women from making a choice for themselves.

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  2. I honestly feel like society needs to get over themselves and recognize that people have different beliefs outside of traditionalism and Christianity and then none of this would be a problem. Love this post btw!

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