What do your scribbles on paper say about you?

Flowers, circles, spirals, faces… Most people, while talking or making phone calls, also like to write, draw on some paper. Everything you draw actually says something about your current condition.

If you mostly draw arrows it means you are focused on a specific goal. You work thoroughly to achieve that goal. Arrows are a sign of ambition and motivation.

Triangles are drawn by those who face challenges in a rational and logical way.

If you draw curves, and infinite lines, you feel lost. Things are pointless and meaningless to you. They are usually drawn by depressed, frustrated, and nervous people.

If your favorite “scribble” stars, it reveals that you are hoping for something/someone. You are optimistic and looking to the future.

Circles are a sign of passivity. They are drawn by communicative friendly people who like to be accepted and who nurture good interpersonal relationships.

Flowers are drawn mainly by those who want children and who think about them, but also by those who want career advancement. Flowers can also mean you want to relax and connect with nature.

Do you draw faces? The way you draw faces, that’s how you feel. If you draw incomplete faces it is a sign that you are missing something in real life.

The squares are a reflection of constructiveness, practicality, usefulness, empathy, and a positive attitude.

The cubes indicate that you are striving to see the subject of your interest from different aspects. You make decisions thoughtfully, only after thinking for a long time.

Trees are a reflection of our ego and ambition. Bare and less branched wood is drawn mostly by people prone to depression or those who are already suffering from depression or bad mood, and even people who have “stopped fighting”.


9 thoughts on “What do your scribbles on paper say about you?”

  1. Hmm interesting. I guess when I do scribble it’s flowers and trees. I never really think about my scribbling that much. But this was fascinating. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I’m a square. haha. And a cube. It’s lovely to see how it does project your personality and how I instantly recognize myself. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. ah wow!
    I mainly go for stars more often, which iguess is half correct, or flowers – although I do not desire children. Mother, on the other hand, will tend to write words & arrows/squares!

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