What the hell have we turned into?

One in 10 women has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 15, and one in 20 has been a rape victim.

• Slightly more than one in five women experienced physical and/or sexual violence from their current or former partner.

• Slightly more than one in 10 women state that they experienced some form of sexual violence from an adult before the age of 15.

(Report “Violence against women” carried out by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, based on interviews with 42,000 women, in 28 member states of the European Union.)

Imagine you read this.

Imagine being one of these 5, 10, or 20 women.

Imagine that someone close to you is one of them.

Freedom of speech about everything?

Now imagine that someone tells you this;

“It’s unusual for me when someone tells me that they can’t believe that rape exists at all.” ‘Did it ever happen to you that you didn’t cum for three days? Does that make it more likely for you?’

When a relatively unknown Croatian comedian became relatively famous, basing his performance on “jokes” about rape, the issue of taboo topics, freedom of speech and the border between humor and vulgarity arose.

Rape should not be a taboo subject. It must be talked about and people must be made aware of it, but…

Imagine knowing what it’s like;

• 62 million women in the EU experienced some form of physical or sexual violence

• One in 20 women (5%) was a rape victim from the age of 15.

• 55% of women experienced some form of sexual violence by superiors, colleagues or clients.

• Of the women in the survey who reported being raped by their current partner, approximately one-third (31%) said they had experienced six or more rapes by their partner.

Would it be funny if they told you how it happened because the perpetrators didn’t have a chance to cum 3 days before?!?

Imagine if you knew that;

• When talking about the most serious cases of sexual violence, victims say that their emotional reactions were mostly fear, anger and shame because of what happened to them.

• To have long-term psychological consequences of violence (depression, anxiety, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, concentration…)

• That victimization by their partner or other persons also caused them to lose self-confidence and that they became vulnerable and anxious.

• That the impact of violence is far-reaching, as it affects not only the women who are victims, but also their families, friends and society as a whole.

Let’s stop blaming the victim

If you knew that, would you accept the justification for “jokes” about rape, as stand-up as such is a critique of society through absurdity, calling out those responsible and calling for a reaction? 

Would they still laugh at the skit; “Women deserve a slap” or “This rape had to happen”

Because if she would, it’s no wonder we live in a world where she herself is to blame;

because she exposed herself too much,

Because she walked alone at suspicious hours

Because she defiantly wore make-up

Because she laughed too much

Because she was “sending signals” and “flirting”

Because she talked too much

Because she was constantly clucking…

Morally questionable persons as a reflection of society

With freedom of speech, we defend those who think that because she is sitting alone at the bar, she deserves to be pulled by her hair, grabbed by her neck, banged on the floor with her head, and forced to cum inside her.

With freedom of speech, we defend those who make a joke out of it.

And we feel no shame.

Because we fight against taboos.

Against censorship.

What the hell have we turned into?

*source FRA – European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

5 thoughts on “What the hell have we turned into?”

  1. Such an important post and thanks for raising awareness on this with stats which shock people. The truth should shock people. And hopefully things will change!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for this article on a topic that is so important. As a man, I don’t it is important to realize where the problem is. And that’s with men. The victim should never be made to feel bad or given the idea that it was somehow provoked. What needs to happen is that men learn how to behave and in many situations, men’s mental health nees to be more addressed.
    Together with that, and not at all less important, is the fact that there needs to be more support for the victims and that it needs to be discussed more. Jokes about it only make it seem like it’s not as bad as it is.

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