There are things for which there is no price

Things like sipping your morning coffee in silence, or silence in general. It first came to my mind that probably says a lot about my current state of mind. I love my people, but silence is sometimes a blessing and there is no money to change it, sometimes, I am not so anti-social.

Don’t blame me. I’m up from 6 in the morning, now it’s Thursday and 11 in the evening, I have to write this all the way through and I have to wash my hair because I’m currently full of castor oil if you happen to be interested. Probably not, but never mind, this is my post.

This is another thing for which there is no price – freedom of speech and expression. In fact, freedom in general. F**k all the money in this world if it is not letting you be who you are, if you are tied with chains and your mouth is a muzzle.

Tell them, sister, everything you want and have to say. Who is stopping you? If someone stops you, you also stop them and then we will see. I’m kidding, don’t stop them, be a better man, but realistically, people get the angriest when you treat them the way they treat you. That’s a fact. Try to reassure me if you can.

When it comes to expressing my opinion, I really love doing it, and now I do it, to your (un) luck, even more often on my social media.

Here is another thing for which there is no price – until you find what you love in this noisy world and do everything to become an expert at it. I want you all to find yourself and become the best you can be. This world is big enough for us all to take our cake and encourage and support each other in their success.

Why do you need an environment that spits on you, does not appreciate and is just jealous in your life anyway? Not all the money in this world is enough to endure such people. Your nerves and mental state are also things for which there is no price. Save them like nothing else. Because nothing else is more important than your happiness and pleasure – with yourself, with others, with life, with everything.

Why would you do what makes you feel sick and tired every morning and afterwards you feel like someone has beaten you like a sack of potatoes? I don’t know why someone would beat a bag of potatoes, but now it’s 23:23, I have no clever comparison at this time. Basically, if I am asked, I have nothing against money, on the contrary, I will take it without a problem because it is easier for you in life, but if I had to choose between a less paid job that is nice and a more paid job, I hate – I would choose this less paid one. The reason is clear – there are things for which there is no price.

You don’t need a boyfriend, girlfriend or friend who doesn’t appreciate you and wants to change you. If he doesn’t love you the way you are, tell him goodbye. You don’t have time for that, trust me.

There is also no price for (self) respect, and yet many people bargain around it.

Make your bargain just a bad habit from the past and a new day – a fresh start. No unnecessary stress, losing your nerves, surrounding yourself with the wrong people, and no unnecessary conversations with your morning coffee.

I wish that to you all, and now I’m going to finally wash my hair and go to bed.

14 thoughts on “There are things for which there is no price”

  1. I felt this whole post in my soul — recently my mother and sister in laws shamed me for speaking about my mental health “too much” on MY Facebook. They’re obviously new to my life and don’t know nor care to figure out how I work which is through expressing myself by writing. And because of this I’ve censored and stopped myself from expressing ANYTHING on Facebook even though I’ve deleted and blocked them all.

    You’re right when you say that people get angry when you treat them the way they treat you — they definitely did that again after I expressed how done I was with them on Twitter and suddenly I’m the bad guy?? After the months they spent harassing me? Yeah, ok.

    I told myself 2020 was for WHATEVER I WANT. To be completely selfish and take care of myself (besides my daughter) first and stop caring about everyone else and their opinions (including my husband). Cause I deserve to be happy in my own life!

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    1. Good for you. My husband says to me that I need to take care of me first because if I am not good then our whole family is not ok. I love him for that and for sticking up with me through my depresion and anxiety. I have a supportive family, all of them except my mother in law, but we cut her from our lives because that women is toxic.

      Cutting people who are toxic and bad for you is a step foward and a sign that you are putting your self first and there is nothing wrong with that.

      Write what you want to write, act the way you want to, do what you need to do for yourself and do not let anybody tell you that you are selfish because of that.

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  2. This is such a great message Marta, and so true! The best things in life are free! It’s great that our blogs can give us the freedom to express ourselves creatively. I also love those quiet moments in the day where you can enjoy a tea/coffee, relax and get your thoughts together. Fab post, as always! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

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  3. Yup, I can honestly say that at this point in my life I’m truly finding the value in my own happiness too. Sometimes I still slip into people pleasing but more often than not I’m doing what I love and enjoying myself. Great post! 😁🌴


  4. This is a great post with a reminder that I think we all need from time to time. Our time is limited, each of us only has 24 hours in a day, and we need to make sure that we aren’t wasting away that time with things that aren’t bringing joy and happiness. Our time is too valuable to squander.

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