Set boundaries, no matter how others react to them

It doesn’t suit everyone when you set boundaries. Still, you do it. Set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Some will protest. They will not accept them. If they don’t accept them it absolutely doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to it. Set them up. Some will call you crazy. Just because you respect yourself enough.

Who is really crazy here?

It bothers them when you stand up for yourself because then you don’t play by their rules. You are a thorn in their side. Because you are free. They can’t impose anything on you anymore.

And when you want something better for yourself, it’s not okay for them to. For the reason that I can no longer influence you. There is not much we can do but accept. Move away. Let them think as they wish.

Don’t question yourself and your decisions just because someone doesn’t like it. Because they always want everything to be their way, not respecting you and your feelings.

You do not pull the border further and further in their direction, thus crossing yourself. Act out of love for yourself and draw a firm line. Where you feel it belongs. Wherever you think it is necessary.

And don’t be afraid. Do you need people who do not respect your healthy boundaries? Do you think they respect you at all? Or do they just want everything to be according to them?

10 thoughts on “Set boundaries, no matter how others react to them”

  1. I agree! Boundaries are really important. I’m clear with my boundaries when it comes to friendship but there’s been challenges.
    What truly helped is saying ‘I will not let you affect my energy’ and in that is my power. Flowing at a high frequency and protecting that from negativity.

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  2. It is hard for people to understand a change in behavior even if it is for your improvement when they have had a great influence on you in the past. You have to realize you are worth having own control and space.

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